7+ quotes from Undead and Unemployed by MaryJanice Davidson

Quotes from Undead and Unemployed

MaryJanice Davidson ·  272 pages

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“It's inappropriate for the queen of the dead to be afraid of
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“I zoomed in on the shoe department like a blonde homing pigeon. Shoes, shoes everywhere! Ah, sweet shoes. I truly think you can take the measure of a civilization by looking at its footwear.”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“I suppose I should say something negative about vampires living in sin," Father Markus said, "but that seems to be the least of your problems.”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“I mean, not that I killed her just to get the car, or anything.”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“I can't believe your boss tried to kill you, too," Jessica said. "I mean, I know they're trying to keep the unemployment rate down, but that's ridiculous."
"Most people think their bosses are out to get them. But mine really was!”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“Eric came to Macy's? Did he burst into flames the moment he passed the first cash register?”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

“Quit doing your game show host schtick, Marc," I ordered. "You're confusing the vampires. They're not big TV watchers."
"Certainly not daytime television," Sinclair sniffed.”
― MaryJanice Davidson, quote from Undead and Unemployed

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MaryJanice Davidson
Born place: in The United States
Born date August 26, 2018
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