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9+ quotes from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree by Edna Stewart

Quotes from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

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“It's not the error in the book, it's the thought that counts.”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“Carpe Diem

By Edna Stewart

Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman did it, why can't I?

The words of Horace, his laconic phrase. Does it amuse me or frighten me?

Does it rub salt in an old wound? Horace, Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Walt Whitman my loves,

we've all had a taste of the devils carpe of forbidden food.

My belly is full of mourning over life mishaps of should have's, missed pleasure, and why was I ever born?

The leaf falls from the trees from which it was born in and cascade down like a feather that tumbles and toil in the wind.

One gush! It blows away. It’s trampled, raked, burned and finally turns to ashes which fades away like the leaves of grass.

Did Horace get it right? Trust in nothing?

The shortness of Life is seventy years, Robert Frost and Whitman bared more, but Shakespeare did not.

Butterflies of Curiosities allures me more.

Man is mortal, the fruit is ripe. Seize more my darling!

Enjoy the day.”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

thoughts. Are they not mine?
I think, I write, I type.
Thoughts. Are they wise?
Let truth be told in words, compiled together, create a page, a book.
Thoughts. Are they master piece?
Is it a prize winner?...An Alfred Nobel?
Thoughts. Are they not mine?
Gift of God?
they are not mine.”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“There are no Rules in Art . . .Only Creativity”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“..... As one looks with the beatiful eyes upon a soul . . Only God is perfect."

-Edna Stewart”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“As one looks with the beautiful eyes upon a soul . . . Only God is perfect”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“little birdy fly's away from the nest on its own and comes back with one twig and you invite it back in, it will bring more!”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“An allusion is something we refuse to see, but we see what we want to see....”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

“Where would we be without the success of our mothers?”
― Edna Stewart, quote from The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree

About the author

Edna Stewart
Born place: in Charlotte, The United States
Born date November 28, 2018
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