Quotes from Without Fail

Lee Child ·  14 pages

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“They found out about him in July and stayed angry all through August. They tried to kill him in September. It was way too soon. They weren't ready. The attempt was a failure. It could have been a disaster, but it was actually a miracle. Because nobody noticed.”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“A good coat is like a good lawyer. it covers your ass.”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“problem shared is a problem halved.”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“he could hear faint sounds from their”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“But storing magazines full of bullets was a bad idea. Leave them long enough, the spring in the magazine learns its compressed shape and won’t function right. More jams are caused by tired magazine springs than any other single reason. Better to keep the gun with a single shell locked in the chamber and all the other bullets loose. You can fire once right-handed while you thumb loose shells into an empty magazine with your left. Slower than the ideal, but a lot better than pulling the trigger and hearing nothing at all except a dull click. He closed the kitchen”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“faster but the picture remained entirely static. The stillness of a deserted office descended and held steady as time rushed by. “When do the cleaners come in?” Reacher asked. “Just before midnight,” Froelich said. “That late?” “They’re night workers. This is a round-the-clock operation.” “And there’s nothing else visible before then?” “Nothing at all.” “So spool ahead. We get the picture.” Froelich operated the buttons and shuttled between fast-forward with snow on the screen and regular-speed playback with a picture to check the timecode. At eleven-fifty P.M. she let the tape run. The counter clicked ahead, a second at a time. At eleven fifty-two there was motion at the far end of the corridor. A team of three people emerged from the gloom. There were two women and a man, all of them wearing dark overalls. They looked Hispanic. They were all short and compact, dark-haired, stoic. The man was pushing a cart. It had a black garbage bag locked into a hoop at the front, and trays stacked with cloths and spray bottles on shelves at the rear. One of the women was carrying a vacuum cleaner. It rode on”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“horses faded away. Maybe it had served time as an office. It was impossible to tell. It”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“through his side window, down the length of the”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

“You know, a problem shared is a problem halved.”
― Lee Child, quote from Without Fail

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