17+ quotes from White Girl Problems

Quotes from White Girl Problems

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“I’ve found that falling asleep is the best way to politely excuse yourself from an unwanted interaction.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“She looked like a dead Teletubby.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“That being said, I fucking HATE shopping with other people. I insist on doing it alone because it’s the only activity that truly centers me. It’s meditative and personal.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“I may have lit the match, but it was karma that kept the fire blazing.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“My dad should have listened to me when I told him that college was not my thing. Instead, he insisted on learning a $200,000 lesson the hard way. That’s the thing about college—you pay a ton of money just to realize that everyone is a fucking moron.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“If you are a girl, and you’ve had a significant relationship with someone, chances are you’ve saved all the pictures/letters/supercute little notes from that relationship in a box that is somewhere in your room or apartment or mansion.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“Even though I don’t give a shit about sports, I’ll always give a shit about courtside seats. It’s just who I am.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“She knew what she wanted, got what she wanted, and did so with a measure of grace that made you realize that she operated on another level.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to smoke two Marlboro Lights, brush my teeth, pull my hair into a chic/grungy little bun, put on my black shawl and a pair of Lanvin flats, walk down the hall to that smelly girl from Arizona’s room, steal ten Adderall from her stash, come back to my room, and write down all my life’s problems from start to finish.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“I’ll be on more drugs than Burning Man himself, but I’ll go.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“My choice of nail color represents three things: my mood color at the time, an interpretation of Nature’s seasonal color of the moment, and finally, a touch of influence from the week’s racks at Barneys.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“You know, when a guy is just dumb enough to make you feel smart, but not so dumb that he makes you feel dumb for dating him?”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“During moments of uterine compromise, my presence on campus would put faculty and students at risk. Think Columbine, but in a Burberry trench.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“You should never have to work to make a living. You’re smarter than that.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“Doctors, lawyers, and princes come and go. Oil money lasts forever.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“I also took up smoking Marlboro Reds and model-scowling at everyone to ensure that I would have no unwanted interactions. It worked, thank God.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

“August 15, 2005 Today BW arrived 10 minutes early to her session and sat in the waiting room until it was her scheduled appointment time. When she came into my office she looked at me, said, “I can’t with you today,” and left.”
― quote from White Girl Problems

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“The River Mogami has drowned
Far and deep
Beneath its surging waves
The flaming sun of summer”
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“With Tom, there had never been a door to close, only the grass to lie on, never a bed; no walls, no ceiling to shut them in - or others out. Only the moon to see them, only the moon, some stars and whatever it was that had flown up out of the field when Ede had cried 'don't' in the final seconds of their embrace. Don't - meaning don't withdraw.”
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“- Хайде, старче, не прави глупости. Подпиши таз гадост – изръмжа Хедрон, като се приведе над Круг и отпусна на рамото му ръката с лулата. – Има ли някакво значение? Драсни я тази твоя комерсиално безценна заврънкулка. Хайде! Никой няма да пипне нашите кръгове, но все пак нали трябва да имаме място, където да ги чертаем.
- Не и в калта, уважаеми, не и в калта – назидателно рече Круг и за първи път се усмихна тази вечер.
- Хайде стига! Не се прави на надут педант – въздъхна Хедрон. – Защо да ме караш да се чувствам толкова неудобно? Аз подписах. И какво? Моите богове изобщо не се трогнаха.”
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“He stopped. “You're upset. I'll shut up and leave you”
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“Be honest with yourself; set the alarm for the time the Real You will get up, not the Ambitious You, because the Ambitious You doesn't really exist.”
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