4+ quotes from The Anybodies

Quotes from The Anybodies

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“Things aren't always what they seem, are they?”
― quote from The Anybodies

“You could get crickets to pop out of a book as a little, little girl, but now you have to relearn it? Well, children can do so many things until they're told they can't.”
― quote from The Anybodies

“Fern’s eyes as “the unpleasant deformity.”
― quote from The Anybodies

“Fern’s hair was another source of embarrassment for the Drudgers.”
― quote from The Anybodies

Popular quotes

“Extraction?” Taf sighed. “I can do more than drive. I can shoot, too. All us debutantes learn how to shoot before we get our first push-up bras.”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

“Body parts really don’t like to be cut, stabbed or hacked into sections, and they express their anger by leaking all over the fuck. Jesus, we’re, like, seventy percent water or something? And you learn that’s so fucking true when you go to a fresh scene. Pools of it. Drips of it. Speckles of it. Then you got the stained clothes, rugs, bedsheets, walls, flooring—or if it’s outside, the ground cover, the concrete, the asphalt. And then there’s the smell. Blood, sweat, urine, other shit. That juicy bouquet will get in your sinuses and stay there for hours afterward.” He shook his head again. “The older cases . . . the smell is worse than the mess. Water deaths, with the bloating, are just ugly—and if that gas that’s built up gets out? The stench will knock you on your ass. And I don’t know, I wasn’t too crazy for the burn deaths either. I mean, you’d think we’d realize we’re not different than any other mammal—cooked meat is cooked meat, period. But I’ve never seen a grown man puke up his coffee and donuts over a medium rare T-bone.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Blood Kiss

“The aroma of tea mixed with the scent of old books, leather chairs, and wool from the carpet in a soothing fusion.”
― Faith Hunter, quote from Dark Heir

“Knowing that something is wrong and doing it anyway happens very often in life, and I doubt I will ever know why.”
― Lemony Snicket, quote from Who Could That Be at This Hour?

“That's what life is, pretty much: full of holes and tangles and ways to get stuck. Uncomfortable and itchy. A present you never asked for, never wanted, never chose. A present you're supposed to be excited to wear, day after day, even when you'd rather stay in bed and do nothing.”
― Lauren Oliver, quote from Vanishing Girls

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