10+ quotes from War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk

Quotes from War and Remembrance

Herman Wouk ·  1042 pages

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“In the glare, the great and terrible light of this happening, God seems to signal that the story of the rest of us need not end, and that the new light can prove a troubled dawn.

For the rest of us, perhaps. Not for the dead, not for the more than fifty million real dead in the world's worst catastrophe: victors and vanquished, combatants and civilians, people of so many nations, men, women, and children, all cut down. For them there can be no new earthly dawn. Yet thought their bones like in the darkness of the grave, they will not have died in vain, if their remembrance can lead us from the long, long time of war to the time for peace.”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“Of course the Russians under Zhukov were”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“Your country baffles me: a luxurious unharmed lotus land in which great hordes of handsome dynamic people either wallow in deep gloom, or play like overexcited children, or fall to work like all the devils in hell, while the press steadily drones detestation of the government and despair of the system. I don’t understand how America works, any more than Frances Trollope or Dickens did, but it’s an ongoing miracle of sorts.”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“Boys fight the wars. We’d have the brotherhood of man tomorrow if the politicians had to get out and fight.”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“dithyramb coming to majestic life: a swarm of fresh seapower”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“assailing her. Were they doing the”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“How far they came to perish here, these soldiers and these machines! What bizarre train of events brought youngsters from the Rhineland and Prussia, from the Scottish Highlands and London, from Australia and New Zealand, to butt at each other to the death with flame-spitting machinery in faraway Africa, in a setting as dry and lonesome as the moon?

But that is the hallmark of this war. No other war has ever been like it. This war rings the world.... Men fight as far from home as they can be transported, with courage and endurance that makes one proud of the human race, in horrible contrivances that make one ashamed of the human race.”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“face grew longer and grimmer as Berel”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“Sir, my inferior understanding prevents my grasping the unquestionable soundness of the mission.”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

“shot at. All I did at Wotje was lose control”
― Herman Wouk, quote from War and Remembrance

About the author

Herman Wouk
Born place: in New York, New York, The United States
Born date May 27, 1915
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