Quotes from Looking for Me

Beth Hoffman ·  354 pages

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“Never tie your happiness to the tail of someone else's kite.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“Sometimes it's not what we hold on to that shapes our lives--it's what we're willing to let go of.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“Maybe that's what love does - smooths the hard edges of life, giving us a gentle place to land when we fall.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“I thought about that old saying, how we can never go home again. But I think it's more like a piece of us stays behind when we leave -- a piece we can never reclaim, one that awaits our next visit and demands that we remember.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“You can't see the whole sky from one window.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“But even so, I wondered--how well do we really ever know someone?”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“You're wrong, Mama. The world's beautiful, but you're so busy being disappointed in everything you don't see it!!”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“But I hurt everywhere, Mama. How do I make it stop?" She looked at me with a sad smile. "I don't know. Only you can figure that out. But try to remember something, Teddi: Never tie you happiness to the tail of someone else's kite.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“I knew the flight into the crazy skies of love would always outweigh the uncertainty of days that didn't yet belong to me.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

“Never tie your happiness to the end of someone else's kite.”
― Beth Hoffman, quote from Looking for Me

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