Quotes from Unwritten Rules

M.A. Stacie ·  256 pages

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“I don't deserve you. I'm not made for relationships. I know I'm going to fuck this up. I'm going to drive you away or do something to hurt you, and you'll be added to my list of people I screwed over. You should walk away now.”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

“I always watch you. You consume my every thought.”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

“My life was dark, torture and empty before you found me. You brought the light, Red. I love you.”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

“Each day we stood almost shoulder to shoulder, occupying the same space, breathing the same air, but we remained strangers.”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

“Oh, you want me to lie still while you check me out? Damn, Red, if I'd have known that earlier I would've been horizontal already.”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

“Do you have my pussy? Oh God, cat!
Do you have my cat?”
― M.A. Stacie, quote from Unwritten Rules

About the author

M.A. Stacie
Born place: in Manchester, The United Kingdom
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