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“[Leafpool] waved her tail in greeting as she padded past Cloudtail and Daisy; as she left the clearing she heard Cloudtail meowing, "This time try to pretend I'm a badger and I'm going to eat your kits."
"But my kits really like you," Daisy protested.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“Squirrelflight rested her tail on his shoulder, urging him to lie still until his injuries could be treated. Brambleclaw led Stormfur and Brook up to Firestar.
The Clan leader's eyes stretched wide in surprise. "Stormfur...and Brook! What are you doing here?"
"There'll be time to explain later," Stormfur meowed. "For now, Firestar, put us to work.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“We cannot change our destiny, we just have to have the courage to know what it is, and accept it." - Cinderpelt”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“If no cat has more to say, we should end this Gathering,” Firestar meowed. “Fine by me,” Blackstar replied. Onestar and Leopardstar nodded.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“We must face our destiny. Our destiny is the path we must follow."
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“With Daisy, Sorreltail, and Ferncloud all busily licking, the kits soon started to stir, letting out faint, whimpering cries. But Daisy didn’t look up until all three revived enough to nuzzle into her belly and start suckling.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“Of course. I have made good friends in all the Clans. I've seen kits born and watched elders leave on their final journey to Silverpelt. I've made the long journey to the Clans' new home. Believe me, I wouldn't change a single day. I know it is not in your power to give me longer with my Clan. But I can't help wanting more.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“Leafpool shot a glance over her shoulder and saw Crowfeather watching her with anguish in his eyes. Leafpool knew she couldn’t do anything but follow Cinderpelt into the bushes.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“Crowfeather: Leafpool, I know you feel the same as I do. Somehow we have to be together.
Leafpool: But I'm a medicine cat, and I'm from another clan. There isn't any future for us Crowfeather.
Crowfeather: Leafpool, do you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you?
Leafpool: Yes, I do.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“A pang shot through her as she realized how absolutely she trusted the tabby warrior to guard them while they retreated.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

“We cannot change our destiny. We just have to have the courage to know what it is, and accept it.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Twilight

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