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6+ quotes from Hemy by Victoria Ashley

Quotes from Hemy

Victoria Ashley ·  143 pages

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“I will stop at nothing to make you mine, Onyx.”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

“I would give my last breath to be with you.”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

“Do you even know what pain feels like, Hemy?” Her jaw clenches as I stare at her. “Well, do you? Do you even feel pain?” “Oh, I feel it alright. That burning sensation deep down inside that feels as if my heart is dying, being crushed.” I look up from the ground and right into her eyes. “I felt it the minute you walked out my damn door.”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

“No matter the girl, they all have a wild side waiting to be released.”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

“Real men have beards. Grow one,”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

“Damn you, Hemy. I swear you boys have issues.”
― Victoria Ashley, quote from Hemy

About the author

Victoria Ashley
Born place: in Rockford, The United States
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