Quotes from Try Me

Olivia Cunning ·  103 pages

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“What kind of a dork uses a lame stage name anyway? And why Shade? Because he wears sunglasses all the time?"
"Yeah, he has to wear them. He has vision problems.."
Melanie's stomach dropped and she covered her big, blabbering mouth with one hand. "He does? Shit. Now I feel bad."
The guy chuckled. "I'm just fucking with you. He wears them because he enjoys looking like a douche twenty-four seven.”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

“My goal is to make you scream my name. Give me what I want, but make me work for it.”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

“Just tell me one more personal thing about yourself. I’m much more comfortable with Gabe than I am with Force.”

“Force equals mass times acceleration,” he said.”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

“What else makes you hot?" You asking what makes me hot makes me hot.”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

“Let's see what you've got, Dr. Kink E. Inventor”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

“Rock stars live too fast for the twenty-four hour rule... Our average life expectancy is equal to one-half normal divided by number of addictions minus the number of small craft flights per month, the number of fast cars owned, and the number of miles driven on a motorcycle without a helmet. I'd say the three-second rule better applies...”
― Olivia Cunning, quote from Try Me

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Olivia Cunning
Born place: in The United States
Born date August 13, 2018
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