5+ quotes from To the End of the Land by David Grossman

Quotes from To the End of the Land

David Grossman ·  581 pages

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“From the minute I saw you with the match in your hand I thought I could tell you anything on my mind.

You'd be my model, but for words.”
― David Grossman, quote from To the End of the Land

“And there will be a time, not for long, a month is enough, or a week, when every single person will be able to completely fulfill what they were meant to be—everything their bodies and souls have offered them, not what other people have dumped on them.”
― David Grossman, quote from To the End of the Land

“Something has fallen asleep there, that's all, but it's warm, and it's hers, it's the pain imprinted on her, and his healing powers rise up. It's her with everything she now is.”
― David Grossman, quote from To the End of the Land

“Alle waren jetzt damit beschäftigt, den Tisch zu decken, und niemand außer ihr bemerkte, was das Baby tat. Es drückte seine Lippen in das Innere von Avrams Hand, blökte ein sanftes und angenehmes Ba-ba-ba und genoss mit seinem ganzen Sein den Klang und das Kitzeln, das es wohl in den Lippen spürte. Auch in Oras Hals und Mund schwebte ein anregendes Summen, ihre Lippen spürten es auch, und in ihr murmelte es stimmlos ba-ba-ba.”
― David Grossman, quote from To the End of the Land

“Al momento se levanta. Lo que sea con tal de no estar sentada. No tiene que resultar blanco fácil para el asta que ya se abre camino a tientas hacia ella, ni para la gigantesca red de pesca que está cayendo lentamente sobre ella. Presta oído en dirección a la puerta. Nada. Desde la ventana ve la lengua de la calzada y el labio de la acera. Peina ese espacio con la mirada pero sigue sin ver”
― David Grossman, quote from To the End of the Land

About the author

David Grossman
Born place: in Jerusalem, Israel
Born date January 25, 1954
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