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8+ quotes from The Codex by Douglas Preston

Quotes from The Codex

Douglas Preston ·  404 pages

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“The third board popped off. The opening was now big enough to squeeze through. The dogs in town were barking hysterically.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“It’s not like Father to be late,”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“in our culture, women can do anything a man can. and vice versa."
don alfonso's eyebrows shot up. "i do not believe it."
"it's true," sally said defiantly.
"in America, the women hunt while the men have babies?”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“the partition was rolled up for ventilation, and she was lying in her hammock reading one of the books Vernon had brought, a thriller called utopia.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“his face. Fenton was never one to like a slow day. The look was enough to tell Barnaby that something big had just come down. “Hutch?” “Hmmm?” Fenton went on, breathlessly. “The Broadbent place was robbed. I got one of the sons on the phone now.” Hutch Barnaby didn’t move a muscle. “Robbed of what?” “Everything.” Fenton’s black eyes glittered with relish. Barnaby sipped his coffee, sipped again, and then lowered his chair to the floor with a small clunk. Damn. As Barnaby and Fenton drove out the Old Santa Fe Trail, Fenton talked about the robbery. The collection, he’d heard, was worth half a billion. If the truth were anything close to that, Fenton said, it would be front-page-New-York-Times. He, Fenton, on the front page of the Times. Can you imagine”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“the value of work? Have I taught them self-reliance? Have I taught them to take care of each”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“like having death poke his stinking mug into your face to make you think about things.”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

“chest. Everything looked strange and slow. Vernon bent over him. He felt him give his chest a big shove, and he felt his arms being raised. All at once the pressure seemed to break, and he coughed violently. Vernon rolled him to his side. He coughed, coughed again, felt a blinding icy headache take hold. Reality returned with a vengeance. Tom struggled to sit up. Vernon put his arms under his shoulders and supported him. “What happened?” “This foolish brother of yours, this Vernito, jumped into that river and pulled you out from under those logs. I have never seen such craziness in my life.” “He did?” Tom turned and looked at Vernon. He was soaked, and his forehead was cut. Blood and water ran together into his beard. Vernon grasped him, and he stood up. His head cleared a little more, and the pounding headache began to subside. He look down into the roaring chute of water ripping into the frenzied pool jammed full of broken tree trunks and branches. He looked at Vernon again. It finally sank in. “You,” he said incredulously. Vernon shrugged. “You saved my life.” “Well, you saved mine,” he said, almost defensively. “You decapitated a snake for me. All I did was jump.” Don Alfonso said, “By the Virgin Mary, I still cannot”
― Douglas Preston, quote from The Codex

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Douglas Preston
Born place: in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States
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