5+ quotes from Possess by Gretchen McNeil

Quotes from Possess

Gretchen McNeil ·  382 pages

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“Everybody was sorry. Sorry was easy. Sorry was for suckers.”
― Gretchen McNeil, quote from Possess

“I thought you'd be better at this."
Bridget shrugged. "'Cause your dad's a cop."
"Right," Matt said, shifting his body so he wasn't blocking the light. "Why wouldn't he teach me Breaking and Entering 101?"
Bridget stifled a yawn. "Might be helpful now."
"Patience, grasshopper." Matt inserted a second metal prong into the lock. "I know a few tricks."
Bridget heard a soft click, and Matt raised his eyebrows in an unspoken "I told you so" before twisting the handle. The door swung open.
"Slick, MacGyver," Bridget whispered, patting him on the head. "Remind me to give you a cookie.”
― Gretchen McNeil, quote from Possess

“She felt like a baton getting passed along in a relay race, completely devoid of any control over her destiny.”
― Gretchen McNeil, quote from Possess

“Someone tells me I’ve been touched by Jesus, I remember.”
“Not Jesus,” he said in all seriousness. “The hand of God.”
― Gretchen McNeil, quote from Possess

“Pumpkin Bunny. Bridget's eyes drifted to the bookshelf where her favorite childhood toy sat propped up in the corner. It had been a gift from her dad from before she could remember, a soft, fluffy stuffed bunny popping out of a pumpkin like a stripper from a birthday cake.”
― Gretchen McNeil, quote from Possess


About the author

Gretchen McNeil
Born place: San Francisco, The United States
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