Quotes from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Elizabeth Haydon ·  656 pages

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“Ryle Hira: Life is what it is”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Second, and far more important: tuck your chin. You're going to get hurt, so expect it and be ready. You may as well see it coming.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Oi’m always noble, sir; it’s in my blood. ’As been ever since Oi ate that knight a few years back. Why?”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Don't panic. Panic will kill you when nothing else wants to.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Allo, darlin’. Oi’m so glad to see it’s love at first sight for you, too.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Hello, Lucy. Do you name all your weapons, Grunthor?”

“O’ course. It’s tradition.”

Rhapsody nodded, understanding coming into her eyes. “That makes perfect sense. Do you find that you fight better with a weapon you’ve named?”


Her eyes began to sparkle with excitement. “Why, Grunthor, in a way, you’re a Namer, too!”

The giant broke into a pleased grin. “Well, whaddaya know. Should Oi sing a lit’le song?”

“No,” said Rhapsody and Achmed in unison.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“Take the Friendmaker, for instance. Oi called 'im that , and now, when people see 'im, they instantly want to be my friend. Those that live, o' course." - Grunthor”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“We needed to face that darkness. And we did, together. I will tell you something that I want you to remember. If you forget all my other words, remember these: when you find the one thing in your life you believe in above anything else, you owe it to yourself to stand by it—it will never come again, child. And if you believe in it unwaveringly, the world has no other choice but to see it as you do, eventually. For who knows it better than you? Don’t be afraid to take a difficult stand, darling. Find the one thing that matters—everything else will resolve itself.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

“First, however you initially grasp the sword, change your grip a little, so that you focus on how you're holding it. Don't take your weapon for granted.”
― Elizabeth Haydon, quote from Rhapsody: Child of Blood

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Elizabeth Haydon
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Born date January 1, 1965
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