8+ quotes from Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

Quotes from Time and Time Again

Ben Elton ·  386 pages

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“We've just lost our way, that's all. But what if you could give us a chance to do better? Just one chance? One single move in the great game of history? What's your best shot? What would you consider to be the greatest mistake in world history and, more to the point, what single thing would you do to prevent it?”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“Screw humanity. I don't give the whole stinking bunch of us more than a couple of generations and good riddance. The universe is better off without us.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“Professor Sengupta had the self-satisfied habit common to many academics of pretending an intellectual equality with his audience in order to happily demonstrate his own superiority.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“В глубине души люди хотят костра и серы. Они мечтают о жестком мстительном Боге, который повелевает и карает за непослушание.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“Австро-Венгерская империя? Ей и без того хватало забот – разобраться бы, на каких языках говорить в собственном парламенте.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“Иногда лучше все оставить как есть. Время – не прялка. Время – пряжа.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“The massive machine bore down on them. Nearly fourteen feet long and six wide, it seemed to completely fill the bridge. Almost a ton and a half of wood, glass, rubber, brass and steel, a monster, roaring and trumpeting as it approached its kill, the great shining black fender arches framing its huge goggling eyes. The thrusting tusks of its sprung-leaf suspension threatened to skewer any soft flesh and young bone that lay in its path. Black smoke billowed from its rear. Sparks spat from behind its grille. No dragon of ancient legend could have seemed more terrifying or more deadly.”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

“The classic private bitterness of the public zealot. A man who wanted to take out his own inadequacy on other people. And”
― Ben Elton, quote from Time and Time Again

About the author

Ben Elton
Born place: in London, The United Kingdom
Born date May 3, 1959
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