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Daniel H. Wilson ·  277 pages

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“You don't pick your revolution. It picks you.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“I'd rather be weird and know it than be a stupid ass.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“It’ll turn me into a weapon,’ I say, my voice suddenly loud.

‘All you got to do is curl your hands into fists and you turn into a weapon,’ says Jim. ‘Your body is just another tool. This technology changes nothing; it only amplifies. You decide how to use your tools. Whether to do good or evil.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“I've heard it said that technology makes a good person better, and it makes a bad person worse. That's okay with me. I say we keep building new versions of ourselves, keep exploring the unknown, and keep growing. We're gonna be fine. Different, but fine.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“It's the one thing we do better than any other animal.
We communicate, cooperate, and make tools to extend our reach. Every new tool changes us...The old fears the new, and the two threaten destroy each other.
Our technology is what makes us strong. And it's what makes us dangerous.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“It's the technology, see? We can't get away from it. Anywhere you find people, you find it. Clever little contraptions. Cunning strategies. We're toolmakers born and bred; and even if you don't believe in anything else, you'd better believe in that. Because that's human nature.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“In the end, a man makes his own decisions. You decide, not the machine.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“Look at us. Amps. We're morons smarter than Lucifer. Cripples stronger than gravity. A bunch of broke-ass motherfuckers stinking rich with potential. This is our army. Our people. Strong and hurt. We're the wounded supermen of tomorrow, Gray. It's time you got yourself healed. New world ain't gonna build itself. And the old world don't want to go without a fight.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“These tools we love so much have burrowed under our skin like parasites...Making us smarter and stronger and always, always more dependent.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“The rules are there so that we can remember them and follow them. If the rules were obvious, we wouldn't have to write them down.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“Human beings, perfected by our own technology. Only to be wielded by the chosen few. Not by the sheep but by those who are better, Those who are willing to make it to the stars through blood.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“You know what you get when the mind and body act as one?...You get harmony...remember that. There is no you. There is no it. Mind and body need a single purpose.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“I say we keep building new versions of ourselves, keep exploring the unknown, and keep growing. We’re gonna be fine. Different, but fine. Because most people are good. Right?”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“Like standing in a creek with the water flowing against your legs, you know?”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“most people are good,” says Jim. “But not when they’re afraid.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“A little bit of self-experimentation never hurt anybody, except when it did.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped

“I hope this scene isn’t playing out all over the nation. People like me struggling to grab what they can. Whole families, even. Grasping at the leftover shards of their lives.”
― Daniel H. Wilson, quote from Amped


About the author

Daniel H. Wilson
Born place: in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The United States
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