6+ quotes from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn by Nell Gavin

Quotes from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

Nell Gavin ·  355 pages

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“We are all on the same road, some ahead of us and some behind. We do not always recognize ourselves as being among those who are struggling farther back, and misunderstand, scorn, and even persecute the ones who move ahead of us. History is littered with such as these: eccentrics, geniuses, idealists among those most noticeable. These change the world by force, though the change most often does not take place during their own time, they are so far ahead of it and therefore so rarely understood.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

“What we should see is that there is none among us with nothing to give, and that giving is our purpose.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

“The most seductive sin, I suppose, is passing judgment on others, and the next must be acting out of one's anger when one has the power to hurt the ones who wound us.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

“Each society–each group within each society–chooses something with which to assign inferiority. In China it is the time of birth and the size of feet. In Europe it is the Jews; in England, the Irish. Among the powerful, it is the powerless; among the rich, it is the poor; among the men, it is the women. In this “new” country, that will also be true. In reverse, there is often a vehement hatred by an oppressed group toward the ones it sees as representatives of oppression. The oppressed view their own feelings of contempt as nobler than the contempt they receive, and more justified. They view their own hatred as right and pure. They nurture it, and bequeath it to their children, and sometimes see to it that it is carried on for generations.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

“Calm yourself. Calm yourself . . . ” In time I do, and I move forward.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

“The book doesn't preach; it just offers up another way of looking at life.”
― Nell Gavin, quote from Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn

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Nell Gavin
Born place: in Chicago, IL, The United States
Born date May 24, 2018
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