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Quotes from Wake of Vultures

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“So not every person fits into the little rooms we build to hold them. There are infinite combinations of human and inhuman, male and female, brown and white.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“She was ugly, was all they'd told her. But she didn't find them beautiful, so what did it matter?”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Outside of monsters, meat is meat. Science is a powerful teacher. And hunger is a cruel mistress.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“A creature is what it is, even if it can't show its true face.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Could a mare only like mares or stallions, or could a mare like whatever she damn pleased? Maybe she just didn't know enough yet to understand what she was or what she wanted. Or maybe she was lots of things, just as her skin was a mixture of browns. Maybe she didn't have to like anything.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“People need to be touched and talked to, they need to know somebody else in the world cares.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Nettie's one-eyed glare was flat, her patience gone. "I'm the feller that's going to kill you."
"You're not a feller."
"That's not yours to decide.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“People fear monsters. Monsters fear the Cannibal Owl.” Nettie”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Because you were raised by ignorant people. They taught you to use things before you understood them. To kill things before you recognized them. To hate things before you knew them. But you'll appreciate a thing better when you know where it comes from, when your hands know the shape of it.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Being a person was mighty twisty, and yet she didn’t want to go back to being nothing.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Because a shadow was a thing that defined itself, and Nettie didn't have to fit anyone else's shape.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

“Nettie scanned the shed for anything useful, but all she saw were big, clumsy things, like hoes and plows and men.”
― quote from Wake of Vultures

Popular quotes

“I couldn’t recall any guy ever looking at me like that unless I was holding a basket of chicken wings or something.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, quote from The Return

“İnsanların iyi niyetleri suistimal ediliyor.”
“Kim tarafından?”
“Biz tabii ki!Hasta insanların buraya gelip o aptalca hikayelere inanmalarına izin veriyoruz ve işleri onlar için daha kötü hale getiriyoruz.”
“İnsanların okudukları şeylere inanmalrınıengelleyen bir yasa henüz yok ,Abby.”
“Fakat dolandırmayı engelleyen var.”
― Nancy Pickard, quote from The Virgin of Small Plains

“What our hearts want can overtake what our minds tell us is forbidden to us. We can’t control these feelings, even if we desperately wish we could.”
― Morgan Rhodes, quote from Frozen Tides

“Sometimes it’s better not to think in questions, but I can’t seem to get out of the habit.”
― Jonathan Lethem, quote from Gun, With Occasional Music

“Og nú heldur hann þeir svensku séu ekki jafngáfaðir og hann. Ég skal segja þér: þeir eru gáfaðri en hann, þeir eru svo gáfaðir að einginn kraftur fær þá til að trúa því að það samsafn af lúsugum betlurum norðrí raskati, sem kallar sig íslendinga og nú eru bráðum allir dauðir guðisélof, hafi skrifað fornsögurnar.”
― Halldór Kiljan Laxness, quote from Iceland's Bell

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