Quotes from Their Fractured Light

Amie Kaufman ·  425 pages

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“We see them as they cannot, will not, see each other--we see his heart in the way he looks at her; we see her soul calling out for his every touch. It would be so easy if they could only see inside each other as we can.

And yet, there is beauty in the way they find each other: slowly, in a fragile dance of sidelong glances and accidental touches. To see them come together, souls binding without knowing each other as we do, without being certain of what the other's heart holds, is to learn something new...

― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“Love, and trust. The things that make us human. They could have been mine, if only I could have leapt. If only we could have leapt.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“But free will is what it means to be human, and no one can determine the path you take through this universe. Choice is our greatest right, our greatest gift-and our greatest responsibility.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“There are monsters among us, it’s true. But there are heroes too.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“But we have seen how brightly light shines in the dark, how sweetly music fills the quiet. All these years you have known only shadow and silence, and we have so much to show you. To save you.

I am not worth saving.

We are all worth saving.

How can you know?

We cannot ever know, not truly.

But we have faith.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“She lets me take her hand, our fingers interlocking the way she and the green-eyed boy have let their hearts interlock—separate but inseparable. In this moment I find I envy them their individuality, their uniqueness, the beauty of being able to touch like this. In this moment I envy the green-eyed boy that he will always be able to touch her like this.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“And from the inside, surrounded by the joy and devotion and loyalty of my friends, the shimmer of rage on the outside of our lives looks paper-thin.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“We try to understand death, to understand how a thing can cease to be. Learning about the uniqueness of these creatures only deepens our confusion, for how can something so rare and so precious exist one moment and vanish the next?

...We must bring the six to this place, to find our last emissary and send it home so we can learn, finally, whether we can coexist with these strange, brief creatures who live and die without letting uncertainty destroy them.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“Take a bullet for you twice, if I have to.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

“Impulses in our brains are electrical sparks that tell us what we’re seeing, tasting, hearing—and everything we do, all our muscle responses and movements, they’re responses to electrical signals too.”
― Amie Kaufman, quote from Their Fractured Light

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Amie Kaufman
Born place: in Melbourne, Australia
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