12+ quotes from Awakening Inner Guru by Banani Ray

Quotes from Awakening Inner Guru

Banani Ray ·  232 pages

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“No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery. You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature universe that you yourself are.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“We are not strangers in this journey of life…We are connected to each other through this mysterious field of love.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Real love is a humble receptivity of a silent heart that is prepared to melt and merge…”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Love is the sap of the tree of Life.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Flow is the nature of energy; flow is another name of life.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Bliss is inherent in the Self as fragrance is inherent in a flower. As the flower of the Self-love blossoms, bliss comes spontaneously as the fragrance.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Love is the divine light that melts away all blockages. Love heals our beings”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Meditation is cultivating the potential to transcend your limited self, limited beliefs and limited existence. It is stepping into the exciting territory of limitlessness.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Awareness is Brahman. The absolute cosmic consciousness. When you are aware, you are connected with Brahman.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Life is a song made of the musical rhythm of the body, words of the mind and the melodious silence of the soul.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Pure Love is detached, self-assured, self-poised, non-possessive and non-aggressive in nature. Yet, it is tremendously powerful to move the whole universe.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

“Knowledge is borrowed. Imagination is original. It is the power of imagination that makes us different from our animal ancestors.”
― Banani Ray, quote from Awakening Inner Guru

About the author

Banani Ray
Born place: in Kolkata, India
Born date December 25, 2018
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