12+ quotes from Worth the Drive by Mara Jacobs

Quotes from Worth the Drive

Mara Jacobs ·  302 pages

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“what she was doing was a far cry from any seduction Darío had ever seen before. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing. He thought for a moment that she was actually batting her eyes at him!”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“When she nearly set her hair on fire leaning across the candlelit table to whisper something to him that could easily have been said at a normal level, Darío was determined to put her out of her own misery. For her own safety, as well as for the fact that it was painful to watch her demonstration.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“We were happily married for eight months.  Unfortunately, we were married for four and a half years. ~ Nick Faldo, professional golfer”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“The Ron who had pursued her relentlessly their freshman year at Michigan State.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“You keep the house. I’ll keep the Hummer. The rest we can figure out later.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“I don’t like watching golf on TV. I can’t stand whispering. ~ David Brenner, comedian”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“Lizzie led Katie to the bleachers that overlooked the driving range. They settled onto seats in the first row and both started to look at the day’s pairing sheet that they’d taken from the attendant at the gate.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“I played as much golf as I could in North Dakota, but summer up there is pretty short.  It usually falls on a Tuesday.  ~ Mike Morley, pro golfer from North Dakota”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“She held out her hand as she swiveled in her seat, and came face to face with Darío Luna. Well, not quite face to face, more like hand to crotch. Her hand, held out to shake, came into direct contact with two-time Masters winner Darío Luna’s penis. His “oomph” and her simultaneous “oohh” stunned the rest of the table until the man standing next to Darío said, “If that’s your idea of a greeting, luv, let me introduce myself.”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“Lizard, there is no way the guy is interested. First of all I shake his crotch instead of his hand when we’re introduced. Then I get drunk. I fall asleep in his car and drool all over myself. Then I pass out on him in an elevator seconds after I tell him his arms are the”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father. ~ Greg Norman, professional golfer”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

“It was a friendly divorce. She left me the piano and the lawnmower.  I couldn’t play either one. ~ Lee Trevino, professional golfer”
― Mara Jacobs, quote from Worth the Drive

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