Quotes from The School for Scandal

Richard Brinsley Sheridan ·  91 pages

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“Tale-bearers are as bad as the tale-makers.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“The heart that is conscious of its own integrity is ever slow to credit another´s treachery.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“To pity, without the power to relieve, is still more painful than to ask and be denied.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“If to raise malicious smiles at the infirmities or misfortunes of those who have never injured us be the province of wit or humour, Heaven grant me a double portion of dullness.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“... if Charles is undone, he'll find half his acquaintance ruined too, and that, you know, is a consolation.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“-'tis an old observation, and a very true one; but what's to be done, as I said before? how will you prevent people from talking?...”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

“Alas! the devil's sooner raised than laid.”
― Richard Brinsley Sheridan, quote from The School for Scandal

About the author

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Born place: in Dublin, Ireland
Born date October 30, 1751
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