5+ quotes from Jennifer Government by Max Barry

Quotes from Jennifer Government

Max Barry ·  352 pages

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“Fifteen years ago, this would have been insider trading, but that quaint concept had disappeared a decade or two ago when so many brokers were doing it that it was impossible to jail them all. Now it was called smart trading.”
― Max Barry, quote from Jennifer Government

“Companies were getting a lot tougher on labor contracts these days; Hack had heard stories. At Adidas, if you quit your job and your replacement wasn't as competent, they sued you for lost profits.”
― Max Barry, quote from Jennifer Government

“It was turning into a sly, anti–free market statement, and irony irritated him. There was no place for irony in marketing: it made people want to look for deeper meaning. There was no place in marketing for that, either.”
― Max Barry, quote from Jennifer Government

“Companies claimed to be highly responsive, Jennifer thought, but you only had to chase a screaming man through their offices to realize it wasn't true.”
― Max Barry, quote from Jennifer Government

“irony irritated him. There was no place for irony in marketing: it made people want to look for deeper meaning. There was no place in marketing for that, either.”
― Max Barry, quote from Jennifer Government


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Max Barry
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