Quotes from Aavarana - The Veil

S.L. Bhyrappa ·  335 pages

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“The purpose of reading history is not to deride or vilify anybody. And it shouldn’t be. At best, the study of history should help us to honestly, dispassionately understand the rights and wrongs of people we regard as our ancestors and use those lessons to shape our present and future.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“the goal of history is to enable the forward march of humanity towards Progressiveness.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“Awards get their value from the person—the person doesn’t become great because he has bagged awards.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“If learning lessons from history is a mark of enlightenment, so is breaking free from it. This applies equally to every religion, caste, creed and group.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“humanity has no hope of survival unless religion is wiped out.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“Every man—saint, sadhu, prophet…whatever the garb—who speaks about his actions being directed by the voice of God is simply evading responsibility for his actions. Remember I told you that we create our gods based on which stage of development we are with respect to ethics, morals and spirituality? A”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“The act of concealing truth is known as ‘aavarana’, and that of projecting untruth is called ‘vikshepa’. When these occur at the level of an individual, it is known as ‘avidya’ and when they occur at the level of a group or the world, it is known as ‘maya’.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“If learning lessons from history is a mark of enlightenment, so is breaking free from it.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

“History is a quest for truth.”
― S.L. Bhyrappa, quote from Aavarana - The Veil

About the author

S.L. Bhyrappa
Born place: in Hassan district, Karnataka, India, India
Born date August 20, 1931
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