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28+ quotes from Hunted by P.C. Cast

Quotes from Hunted

P.C. Cast ·  323 pages

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“As your girlfriend, you've just pissed me off. As your High Priestess, you've just insulted me. And as someone with a working brain, you've made me wonder if you've lost every bit of your sense. (Zoey Redbird)”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“My mama told me don't trust no white boy, even a pretty one. I'm thinkin' a pretty white boy with wings explodin' up from the ground in a mess of blood and ugly-ass bird things is double trouble." - Kramisha (Ch 5)”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I stifled a sigh and ignored the Imprinted Drunk Vision Girl.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I'm a monster, not a moron.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Life isn't a book. There's no guarantee of a happy ending.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Evil will win if good people do nothing.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“The world going insane and evil letting slip the birds of war is no excuse for sloppy vocabulary.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Warrior, when you pledge yourself to the service of a High Priestess, the goal is not to frighten her to death but to protect your lady from death.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Battle scars from the war of good versus evil have a unique beauty all their own.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Yeah, I know you. I made you up. This is my dream. You're a mixture of Zac Efron and Johnny Depp.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“He was chugging brown pop from a can Jack had handed him while he stuffed nacho cheese Doritos in his face. I was glad to see he looked lots better, almost completely like himself, which proves Doritos and brown pop really are health foods.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I spent centuries I your arms. This time our joining will be controlled by me, and you will revel in the pleasure I can bring you. Throw off the shackles of your distant goddess and come to me. Be my love, truly, in body as well as soul and I will give you the world!”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I watched you while you were sleeping and you looked completely at peace. I wish I could feel that. I wish I could close my eyes and feel at peace. But I can’t. I can’t feel anything if I’m not
with you, and even then all I can do is want something that I don’t think I can ever have, at least not now. So I left this, and my peace, with you. Stark.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Often secret desires as well as abilities surface in our dreams.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“What dark secrets do you keep hidden from the world? Where would you go if no one could find you? What would you do if no one could see you?”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Sometimes the people closest to you betray you, and your home isn't a place you can be happy anymore.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“A heart's a hard thing to live without. I should know. I've tried it," he said.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“The guy I'd felt such an immediate and deep connection to I'd thought that just maybe there really were such things as soul mates, and had considered, at least for a few brief moments, that he might be mine.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Bat, pigeon, ravens - I don't care about distinctions right now. Any fluttery, flappy thing is not cool with me.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Sometimes the people closest to you betray you, and your home isn’t a place you can be happy anymore. It’s hard, but it’s true.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Okay, well, let's do a little reenactment. I'm the gay-looking DiCaprio and you're Rose. You have to keep your eyes open and on my face, or you'll have to let me go and I'll turn into a huge gay Popsicle.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Her, cheer up. Zoey's grandma didn't say the Raven Mockers actually ate people. She said they just picked them up with their humongous beaks and threw them against a wall or whatever over and over again until every bone in their body was broken." - Aphrodite LaFonte”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I don't need a guarantee if I have you.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I moved quickly, putting myself between the two of them. "Stop it!" I shouted. "I have way too much to worry about right now to also have to pull you two off each other. Jeesh, talk about immature." Both guys kept glaring at each other over my head. "I said, stop it!" And I smacked their chests. That made them blink and shift their attention to me. Now it was my turn to do the glaring. "You know, you two are ridiculous with your puffing up and your testosterone and crap. I mean, I could summon the elements and kick both of your butts."
Heath shuffled his feet and looked embarrassed. Then he grinned at me, like a cute little boy whose mommy had just yelled at him. "Sorry, Zo. I forget you have some major mojo going on.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“She comes back
Through blood by blood
She returns
Cut deep now
Like me
Humanity saves her
Will she save me?”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“Let me guess. Stark's another guy, isn't he?”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“What once bound him
Will make him flee
Place of power-joining of five


Joined not to conquer,
Instead to overcome
Night leads to Spirit
Blood binds Humanity
And Earth completes.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

“I still didn't look at him. I was afraid if I did that, I would turn around, run back to him, and hurl myself into his arms.”
― P.C. Cast, quote from Hunted

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