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“Life isn't finding shelter in the storm. It's about learning to dance in the rain.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“It's easy to look at people and make quick judgments about them, their present and their past, but you'd be amazed at the pain and tears a single smile hides. What a person shows to the world is only one tiny facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. And more often then not, it's lined with cracks and scars that go all the way to the foundation of their soul.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Bitch please...you haven't seen mean yet.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“We almost made it to thirty seconds without an insult. I think we set a new record.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Sure. My ego's had enough time to recover a modicum of dignity. Let's make sure we crush it again before I mistake myself for a god. -Acheron”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“The past is dead. Tomorrow will become whatever decision you make it. ~ Acheron.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“You'll never see the moments coming that will for ever mutilate your life-at least not until after they've mowed you down.

― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Over, under, around, or through. There is always a way.
- Soteria”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“There are some pains that run too deep for anything to absolve them. The best we can do is pick up the pieces and hope for the strength we need to keep going. (Acheron)
Is that what you do? (Tory)
No, I beat shit up – that helps even more. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“You’re selfish and you’re cold, and I’m tired of getting frostbite when I touch you. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“I don’t like your hair black. (Artemis)
And I don’t like your head attached to your shoulders. Guess we can’t all have what we want, huh? (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Who did you eat this time? (Acheron)
It wasn’t a who, akri. It was something that had hornies on its head like me. There were a bunch of them actually. All of them had hornies and they made a strange moo-moo sound. (Simi)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“I am the god Apostolos. The Harbinger of Telikos. The Final Fate of all. Beloved son of Apollymi the Great Destroyer. My will makes the will of the universe. [Apostolos / Acheron Parthenopaeus] ”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“People destroy beauty when they find it. (Acheron)
How so? (Artemis)
By nature, people are petty and jealous. They envy what they lack and because they don’t know how to acquire something, they try to destroy anyone who has it. Beauty is one of those things they hate most in others. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Hey, T-Rex? Remind me next time I want to get smartass with you that it’s a really stupid move on my part? (Talon)
Oh, no, you don’t, you wuss. You told me the next time you saw Ash you were going to ask him if he’d seen the movie 10,000 BC and if it’d made him homesick. (Wulf)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Bed the woman until neither of you can walk, and get her out of your system. Remember, no matter what they are or where they come from, all women have one simple birth defect. BPD.
Bitch Personality Disorder.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“...You're omniscient, right?"
"For the most part, yes."
"Then you have to tell me this ‘cause I have to know. What's at the end of everything?"
He shrugged. "That's easy enough."
"Then tell me."
"The letter G.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“How could one sentence uttered in anger cause so much damage? But then words were the most powerful thing in the universe. Cuts and bruises always healed, but words spoken in anger were most often permanent. They didn’t damage the body, they destroyed the spirit. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“You know, it’s amazing to me the wounds we carry for eternity. But what has fascinated me most these last few years is how the right person can heal them. I remember a wise man once said to me that everyone deserves to be loved. Even you. (Zarek)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“A monster. I despise my true form. (Acheron)
I can’t imagine why. Other than killing me, you were actually cute in a very Papa Smurf kind of way. (Tory)
Papa Smurf? I don’t look like Papa Smurf. (Acheron)
No, baby, you don’t at all. You look like sex on a stick. Now is your ego all better? (Tory)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“And I’m calling in a favor. (Savitar)
Sav, you can’t keep doing this. I’m running out of places to put the bodies. (Takeshi)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“All that matters to me is the man in front of me right now. (Tory)
I’m not a man, Soteria. (Acheron)
I know. But if you think your godhood excuses you from putting the toilet seat down, think again. (Tory)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“There, there, baby. We'll hide her body in the trunk later. (Tory)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“No one can ever make you feel inferior without your permission, Tory. Don’t give it to them. Realize that it’s their own insecurities that make them attack you and others. They’re so unhappy with themselves that the only way they can feel better is by making everyone as unhappy as they are. Don’t let those people steal your day, baby. You hold your head high and know that you have the one thing they can never take away from you. (Theo)
What's that, Papa? (Tory)
My love. Your mother’s love and the love of your family and true friends. Your own self-respect and sense of purpose. Look at me, Torimou, people laugh at me all the time and say that I’m chasing rainbows. They told George Lucas that he was a fool for making Star Wars – they used to even call it Lucas’s Folly. Did he listen? No. And if he’d listened to them you wouldn’t have had your favorite movie made and think of how many people would never have heard the phrase 'May the Force be With You.' (Theo)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Oh, see then, the Simi is not in trouble. I just kill the Greek god and all’s fine. (Simi)
You can’t kill a Greek god, Simi. It’s not allowed. (Acheron)
There you go again, akri, saying no to the Simi. Don’t eat that, Simi. Don’t kill that, Simi. Stay here, Simi. Go to Katoteros, Simi, and wait for me to call you. I don’t like being told no, akri. (Simi)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“If I want to play mind games, I'd buy a Rubik's cube. ~ Acheron, a character.”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“You dare to stand with my enemy? (Stryker)
Against you, Father, I’d stand with Mickey Mouse. (Urian)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Don't let those people steal your day”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“Can you believe our Ash is getting laid? Our baby is growing up. I'm so proud!”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

“So that’s it then. You’re just going to be mean to me. (Artemis)
Mean to you? Mean? Fuck you, Artemis! I was butchered on the floor by your brother while you watched it happen. Then, when I was finally happy someplace, gods forbid, you tricked me into drinking your blood to bind me to you. And you think I’m mean? Bitch, please, you haven’t seen mean yet. (Acheron)”
― Sherrilyn Kenyon, quote from Acheron

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