Quotes from The Prose Edda

Snorri Sturluson ·  180 pages

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“And now, if you have anything more to ask, I can't think how you can manage it, for I've never heard anyone tell more of the story of the world. Make what use of it you can.”
― Snorri Sturluson, quote from The Prose Edda

“But Loki's relations with Svadilfari were such that a while later he gave birth to a colt.”
― Snorri Sturluson, quote from The Prose Edda

“A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age. No longer is there mercy among men.”
― Snorri Sturluson, quote from The Prose Edda

“Yang terbaik adalah menjadi setengah bijak, tidak terlalu bodoh dan terlalu pandai. Orang pandai yang pengetahuannya dalam jarang merasakan kebahagiaan di hatinya.”
― Snorri Sturluson, quote from The Prose Edda

“rumore di gatto, barba di donna, radici di montagna, tendini d’orso, respiro di pesce e sputo d’uccello.”
― Snorri Sturluson, quote from The Prose Edda

About the author

Snorri Sturluson
Born place: in Hvamm, Iceland
Born date November 27, 1178
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