Quotes from Say You're One of Them

Uwem Akpan ·  358 pages

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“I think fiction allows us to sit for a while with people we would rather not meet.”
― Uwem Akpan, quote from Say You're One of Them

“Gerçek bir demokraside, aptal bir şef kimsenin adına konuşamaz!”
― Uwem Akpan, quote from Say You're One of Them

“Monica, "Asker adam, dinle," dedi, elleriyle insanlara gülmeyi kesmelerini işaret etti. "Asker adam, gidip onur yiyecek, vicdan mı içeceksin? Karın ve çocukların, elin boş döndüğünü görünce seni mutlu mesut karşılayacaklar mı? Sana daha önce de söylemedik mi? Sen delisin. Yalnızca deliler orduda albay olup ülkeden para çalmadan döner.”
― Uwem Akpan, quote from Say You're One of Them

“Yarışı kazanmak ayak sayısıyla ilgili olsa, kırkayak, köpekleri kolaylıkla yenerdi.”
― Uwem Akpan, quote from Say You're One of Them

“Listen, dis foreign TV channels dey spoil de image of our country. Dese white stations dey make billions of dollars to sell your war and blood to de world… We no bad like dis. OK, why dem no dey show corpses of deir white people during crisis for TV? Abi, people no dey kill for America or Europe?”
“You dey speak grammar!” someone shouted. “Wetin concern us wid America and Europe? Abeg, give us cable TV.”
“Remove dis toilet pictures!” said another.
“So our barracks be toilet now?” the police answered. "What an insult!“
"You na mad mad police,” Monica said.
“Ok, cable TV no be for free anymore!” the police said.
“But it’s our pictures we are watching on cable TV,” Madam Aniema said. “Why should we pay you to see ourselves and our people?”
The police answered, “Because government dey complain say cable TV dey misrepresent dis religious crisis.”
― Uwem Akpan, quote from Say You're One of Them


About the author

Uwem Akpan
Born place: in Ikot Akpan Eda, Nigeria
Born date May 19, 1971
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