9+ quotes from Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld

Quotes from Zeroes

Scott Westerfeld ·  546 pages

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“Wisdom tells me i'm nothing, love tells me I'm everything.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“Once there was a girl named Riley, the story began. Her heart was a secret garden, its stone walls cracked and weathered. And it was hungry. p160”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“Her parents didn't understand that braille meant big clunky books that marked you as different, while audiobooks live invisibly on your phone and text-to-speech gave you the whole damn internet.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“Nate liked money. It was a sleek and clever invention, beautiful in the way it lubricated power and focused people's attention. But it had a clumsy, brutal side, too. Money bludgeoned people without it into silence, shut them away in neighborhoods like this.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“Wisdom tells me I’m nothing. But love tells me I’m everything.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“What a waste, using her talents this way. Like a brain surgeon clubbing seals for a living.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“Maybe Flicker's power made her think differently than most people. She saw the world from so many perspectives, and seeing was half of enlightenment.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“The sight of Ethan - of Scam, since this was a mission - sent a trickle of annoyance down Crash's spine. Not like all the little itches of tech, just the ever-present need to punch him in the face.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

“The whole idea that he could take what he wanted without affecting anyone was bull****.”
― Scott Westerfeld, quote from Zeroes

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Scott Westerfeld
Born place: in Dallas, Texas, The United States
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