Quotes from The Post-Office Girl

Stefan Zweig ·  257 pages

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“Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere; sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“For this quiet, unprepossessing, passive man who has no garden in front of his subsidised flat, books are like flowers. He loves to line them up on the shelf in multicoloured rows: he watches over each of them with an old-fashioned gardener's delight, holds them like fragile objects in his thin, bloodless hands.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“In this instant, shaken to her very depths, this ecstatic human being has a first inkling that the soul is made of stuff so mysteriously elastic that a single event can make it big enough to contain the infinite.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“Maybe everything’s not so hard, maybe life is so much easier than I thought, you just need courage, you just need to have a sense of yourself, then you’ll discover your hidden resources.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“There’s an inherent limit to the stress that any material can bear. Water has its boiling point, metals their melting points. The elements of the spirit behave the same way. Happiness can reach a pitch so great that any further happiness can’t be felt. Pain, despair, humiliation, disgust, and fear are no different. Once the vessel is full, the world can’t add to it.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“soul is made of stuff so mysteriously elastic that a single event can make it big enough to contain the infinite.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“There is nothing more vindictive, nothing more underhanded, than a little world that would like to be a big one.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“the natural animosity between those who slept and those who were stirring in the sleeping city.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“soothing silence instead of an oppressive one.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“She tries to think, but the monotonous stuttering of the wheels breaks the flow of her thoughts, and the narcotic cowl of sleep tightens over her throbbing forehead—that muffled and yet overpowering railroad-sleep in which one lies rapt and benumbed as though in a shuddering black coal sack made of metal.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

“Memory is so corrupt that you remember only what you want to; if you want to forget about something, slowly but surely you do.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from The Post-Office Girl

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Stefan Zweig
Born place: in Vienna, Austria
Born date November 28, 1881
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