8+ quotes from The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason

Quotes from The Piano Tuner

Daniel Mason ·  312 pages

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“The conversations rests uneasily; one doesn't expect good-byes to be burdened by such trivialities. This is not how it is in the books, he thinks, or in the theater, and he feels the need to speak of mission, of duty, of love. They reach home and close the door and he doesn't drop her hand. Where speech fails, touch compensates.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“White. Like a clean piece of paper, like uncarved ivory, all is white when the story begins.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“At times I wonder if the reason I have lost track of time is that I will know when to return not by a date, but when an emptiness is filled.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“being needed was not the same as being accepted.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“good piano tuner must have knowledge not only of his instrument but of “Physics, Philosophy, and Poetics,” so that Edgar, although he never attended university, reached his twentieth birthday with more education than many who had.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“that being needed was not the same as being accepted.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“One learns a lot if others assume you are deaf to their tongue.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

“war. A balanced peace is a poor fertilizer for promotion.”
― Daniel Mason, quote from The Piano Tuner

About the author

Daniel Mason
Born place: The United States
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