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“It doesn't change that I still want him, I still want to be with him, I still feel like the fucking air has been sucked out of the room when he walks in and I still think about him all the time.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“So... why did it end?"
Sin looked at Boyd sidelong before shrugging simply. "Because he wasn't you”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“So, I'm just going to tell you how it is for me,' Boyd continued frankly. His gaze was intense and sincere as he didn't look away from Sin's eyes. 'I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. I think about you all the time. It's been hell trying to keep myself away - every time you're close I just want to touch you. I would do anything for you. And if I could have anything in the world right now, I would be in a relationship with you.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“How would you like to be in the middle of a Vega sandwich?”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Your feelings and thoughts are your own and fuck them if they think they can control them.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“I wasn't afraid of you!' Ryan protested. 'I was half intimidated, half infatuated, and I didn't know how to act because of it.'
Sin made a face at Ryan and picked up his chips again. 'How could you be infatuated with me when you didn't even know me?'
Ryan scoffed and pointed his cheese-covered fork at Sin. 'You're gorgeous and tragic—gay boys like that kind of thing.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“I don't belong anywhere. No matter where I am, people make sure I'm aware of that.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“When someone tells you to walk away, walk away. When you don't know what someone's capable of, don't push them.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“And you could try to stop pretending to be so fucking perfect. Maybe then people will stop expecting perfection all the time”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Emilio's gaze flicked over Boyd's face and the side of Emilio's mouth twitched up slightly but then he just shrugged exaggeratedly and said slowly, "Or maybe... you just think I'm cute. Admit it, Boyd. Don't deny your true feelings anymore. It's meant to be-- you, me, my boy... How would you like to be in the middle of a Vega sandwich?”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Sin stared at him before shaking his head and pulling out his gun. "And you say I'm the one with a blond obsession."
Emilio's expression morphed into a glare and he cocked his own weapon. "Shut the fuck up."
Sin hesitated for only a moment more before following Emilio out into the office. Sin couldn't help the small, self-satisfied smirk from ghosting across his features.
One point for Vega junior.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Sin silently cheered his father for being a dick right along with him and ignored the heated glares that they were both receiving.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“My lack of care is phenomenal.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Emilio, shut the fuck up!" Carhart shouted at him, turning entirely to give his friend an incredulous look. "What's wrong with you?"
Emilio shrugged innocently, raising his eyebrows high. "I don't know how to take instructions slash am a bad person?”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“How long do you think you're gonna be able to ignore me?" Emilio asked casually, leaning across the table and arching an eyebrow at Sin.
"I'm not ignoring you," Sin replied flatly. "I'm willing you to go back under your rock.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Carhart didn't see how running a massive smuggling organization could be boring but then again he wasn't a sociopathic action junkie who didn't plan farther than the next few days.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Maybe I just find long-term relationships to be interesting because I've never been in one or seen one that works well without getting fucked up in the end. Sometimes it seems like people are incapable of normal relationships anymore”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“I've always been in others' shadows”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“There was a beat of silence before Sin said blandly, "I have occasional nightmares about us having a threesome with that meat-head. I'm far from being easily shocked."
"What?" Boyd looked completely taken aback, his eyebrows shooting up. "That's the last thing I thought I'd ever hear from you."
"It isn't exactly a voluntary thing. It's quite horrifying. I usually wake up before he can put his dick in me though." Sin made a revolted expression, his lips twisting in a scowl of disgust.
"So I shouldn't expect to be propositioned for this threesome too in the near future?" Boyd asked jokingly.
Sin stared at Boyd and didn't bother to reply.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Sorry, Sir. I was momentarily distracted by Senior Agent Vega... Senior.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Me and Zachary used to share women. I'm surprised he didn't tell you 'bout that."
Morgan's eyes snapped over to Carhart and her hands froze on the sweater that she'd grabbed from the sofa.
Carhart just rolled his eyes. "He's lying."
Emilio laughed and didn't deny it. "Oh, right. That was Douglas."
"What?" Morgan looked even more scandalized now. "Instructor Ferguson?”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

“Instead, it struck him deeply just how much he loved Sin.
And even as he acknowledged that, he realized he felt the emotion on a deeper, less
chaotic level than he had before. He had known he loved Sin for over a year but it had
never felt like such a simple statement of fact for his life before; it had never seemed so
undeniable and yet at the same time without any negativity.
Whereas there had been times before when the love he'd felt for Sin had seemed
almost desperate or painful, now as he hunched over Sin with his fingers grasping Sin's
slack hand, Boyd felt at peace with the knowledge. It was as if a weight were lifted from
his shoulders and he understood that he could be no other way.”
― Ais, quote from The Interludes

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