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Quotes from The Hollow

Jessica Verday ·  513 pages

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“At that moment - in that small, concise, perfectly clear moment of time - I knew. It was that moment I fell in love with him. It actually caused me to stop, and time froze for just a second. But that feeling was so right, and so strong, that I knew I wasn't wrong.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“I de­ci­ded right then and the­re to ma­ke a snic­ker­do­od­le per­fu­me to we­ar, so that one day he wo­uld sniff me li­ke that.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“Are you going to be all right now? No more tears? I don't know how to handle crying girls. Every time my five-year-old sister turns on the waterworks, I end up buying her a Barbie. You don't need a new Barbie, do you?”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“I felt my cheeks turn red, and she laughed out loud. But I didn't mind too much, because the last thing she saw was my middle finger aimed in her direction as I stepped outside”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“Anyway." I cleared my throat loudly. "Thank you again for the beautiful necklace. It's perfect, and I love it. Where did you find it? I've never seen anything like it before."

It was his turn to look embarrassed and he ducked his head. "That's because I made it." He peeked up at me, and my heart melted. Am I dreaming? This has to be a dream.

"You made it?" Something wet hit my cheek and I brushed it away, impatiently waiting for his answer.

"Yeah," he said shyly. "I did.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“How do you say hello to someone when you 've just found out that you
love him?”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“He didn't want me to get hurt? Wow. Just wow. I might actually be close to a swoon here”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“Do you know what the name Astrid means?" He switched gears again and I was helpless to follow.
It means 'star'. That's what I think of you as, Abbey. One day I looked up, and there you were. A fiery spot of light surrounded by darkness. You make me feel like anything is possible.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“I tried to give him my best you're-so-sexy-and-I'm-impressed look, but I don't think it worked.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“Obviously this was one of those stupid guy moments and he didn't understand what I wanted. I was going to explain it to him very, very soon.
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“So that was what the blush was for? Because he was admitting he didn't wash his hands? I thought it was like some guy requirement to be dirty most of the time.”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“So did Caspian leave this behind when he went off to college or something?'
Don't say it. Please don't say it.
'He died a little more than two years ago in a car accident. Right after Halloween”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“He didn't answer me, but held my gaze intently as he stood and slowly started to reach for the bottom of his sweater. He turned around and lifted it up over his shoulders, and I forgot how to breath. The sweater slid off of him in one long smooth motion and messed up his hair, leaving it tousled and sexy-looking. An interlooking chain of small black circles and triangles was etched onto each shoulder blde, ending halfway down his back... He turned back around to face me, and his green eyes stared right through me... I gulped again and tried very hard not to drool”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow

“Bye Caspian!' I called out. He stopped, and threw me a big grin over his shoulder. I grinned back like the Cheshire cat. What was it about him that made me feel so ridiculously happy?”
― Jessica Verday, quote from The Hollow


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