11+ quotes from Lemonade Mouth by Mark Peter Hughes

Quotes from Lemonade Mouth

Mark Peter Hughes ·  352 pages

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“How could you ever feel comfortable if no matter where you went you felt like you belonged someplace else?”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“And I was reminded once again how a song really can change the world.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“If it looks like a duck and quacks likes a duck, it's a duck, right?”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“Wen grinned and I felt a warm glow and an odd dizzy sensation. And then I remembered something my dad once wrote me about falling in love. He said the phrase was apt because falling is exactly what it can feel like, as if you've finally allowed yourself to let go of some safety bar you didn't even know you were clinging to, and suddenly you find yourself tumbling towards the exciting unknown.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“The thing is, my father has about as much rhythm as a drunken octopus […]”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“She was like having our own nanny, the Sex Nanny Sent By Satan.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“Replaying her words in my head, I could feel my face redden again.
I wanted to flush my head down the toilet.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“Just because you never look at me doesn't mean I'm not here.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“...every now and then I watched him beam at Olivia. He obviously adored her. And I realized that meeting her father made me look at Olivia differently. She was somebody's little girl.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“It felt like one of those perfect moments where everything comes together. But like I said, I don't believe in accidents. Even if this strange, musical moment, the final result of a long chain of unlikely events, never came to anything else, it was meant to be.
Something new had been born.”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

“To friends, family, food and taking exams in comfortable, quiet areas without distractions or time restrictions!”
― Mark Peter Hughes, quote from Lemonade Mouth

About the author

Mark Peter Hughes
Born place: Liverpool, The United Kingdom
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