5+ quotes from The Hob's Bargain by Patricia Briggs

Quotes from The Hob's Bargain

Patricia Briggs ·  288 pages

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“It is hard to accept being different, hard to have people avoid looking at you, and still believe in yourself.”
― Patricia Briggs, quote from The Hob's Bargain

“People will do amazing things to ensure their survival.”
― Patricia Briggs, quote from The Hob's Bargain

“You'd tell the world what your best friend wore to sleep if you thought it made a good enough story.”
― Patricia Briggs, quote from The Hob's Bargain

“I’ll get some more firewood,” I said, turning away from the fire. “What we have won’t last the night.”

“Best do that, I think,” Kith said. “Wandel and I’ll see about dinner.”

“I thought the woman should do the cooking,” said Wandel, teasing but still half-serious. He hadn’t eaten what I could cook over an open fire.

“We’ll cook,” replied Kith, who had.”
― Patricia Briggs, quote from The Hob's Bargain

“Loneliness and fear ate at him, a loner by choice who had prided himself on his daring and courage. The”
― Patricia Briggs, quote from The Hob's Bargain

About the author

Patricia Briggs
Born place: Butte, Montana, The United States
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