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Kristen Ashley ·  530 pages

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“I could not dream a better you.”

Oh my God.

Oh… my… God.

Did he just say that?

I stared into his warm eyes.

He just said that.

And that was so sweet, so unexpected but so welcome, my breath arrested and all I could do was continue staring at him.

He wasn’t done. “A better wife, a better queen. Not even in a dream could I create better than you.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

"I gave up a world for you."
He glared at me, not giving me anything.
I kept right on going. "I thought, perhaps, when I learned I had powers, I might be able to use them to go home," his eyes flashed but that was all I got so I kept on going, "but not for good. My father isn't dead." Another flash. "He's alive and at home and living maybe with a fake Circe. He'll know the difference, though, I KNOW it. He's out of his mind with worry, I know that too. He's wondering where I am and if I'm okay and how to get me back. I also know that. I know that and I know that my life was good. I loved my life. I loved my home. I loved my job. I had a lot of people who loved me that loved me back." I sucked in a breath and then whispered, "But as much as your world scared me, as much as our practices repulsed me, I still chose you."
His torso jerked, it was almost imperceptible, but I caught it.
I kept at him. "I gave up my world for you, Lahn. I sat at your side through things people in my world would find loathsome and I did it with my head held high. I even felt 'pride' that I could endure, that I could be a good queen to you.......Everything I did in this fucking place, even before I fell in love with you, was for...fucking...YOU."

― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“What has been has been but what will be is what we make of it.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“He is my king, he is my warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say above all… he is mine.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“You don’t have to have had something to want it or need it but when you have something you liked… very much… and it is taken away, and you want it back, it can become a hunger.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“Then I whispered, “I love you, my Lahn,” and heard the swift hiss of his intake of breath. Then he buried his face in my neck and whispered back, “Loot kay hansahnalay na, my Circe.” And I love you, my Circe.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“Out there, King Lahn is a fierce warrior but in here, my Lahn… kah Lahn is sweet.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I can assume I know what ‘asshole’ means”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“You know I love you," I whispered in his ear.

"I know," he whispered back, turned, I pulled my arms away and he got on his knees in front of me, his hands framing my face.

I looked in his dark eyes.

"Do you know how much?" I kept whispering.

"How much, baby?" Lahn kept whispering too.

I bent my forehead to his and told him the truth. "More than my world.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“He has bragged greatly about you. The Lahnahsahna, a true warrior’s wife. He told his people he did not claim you. He told his people he battled you before he won you. He told his people you challenged him. The warrior king’s bride fought like a warrior. She did not lay back and accept her fate. She stood strong and shouted in the face of a king. She fought and did not give up. Even knowing she’d taste defeat, she fought on, like a true warrior. He told his people you are not his queen. You are his warrior queen.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“If you ever carry forth a plot that threatens my golden queen, you will die choking on your own balls and you'll do it while staring in my eyes”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“You have rare beauty the like I have never seen but you will be more beautiful heavy with my seed,” he stated softly.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I was in love. Perhaps not with the man of my dreams, but with a man that was more man than any I’d ever encountered.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“He wanted to be in a bad mood, so be it. Whatever. I had a new baby tiger who could talk to me and thought I was her Loolah!”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I am your husband, I will keep you safe and I will do it by keeping my feet on this earth, breathing the air and being there to make you feel safe. Do you understand this?”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“He was a man who could have anything he wanted and if not, he was a man who was strong enough to take it.
Except one thing.
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I gave up a world for you.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“Okay, there were a lot of uncomfortable conversations a person had to have in their life. When they broke up with someone, for one. When they fucked up and had to admit they were wrong, for another. But talking to a dude who had his balls cut off about his balls being cut off beat them all.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“Oh dear,” Diandra muttered again as I looked down at the baby tiger in my arms. All I felt was the soft, thick fur of the cub, the pads of its cute, fluffy paws. All I saw was her proud nose and rounded ears and beautiful, pale blue eyes looking up at me with complete trust. Oh shit. I was in love.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“You love the feel of me”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

"Your king did not break through with me until his touch stopped taking and started giving and until, in our cham, he treated me with kindness. He is the mightiest of Suh Tunak, recognized the battle he had on his hands, analyzed it, created his strategy and then he went about winning that battle using any means necessary. And, Zahnin," I edged closer and for the sake of this man who pledged to guard me even if it meant giving his life, who backed me against Dortak and who clearly wanted his wife to settle in her new life with him in his cham, I admitted to him at the same time I admitted to myself, "My Lahn won that battle. I now lay awake at night waiting for him to return. When he does not, I fall asleep looking forward to the morning when he will wake me with his hands. He is my King, He is my Warrior, He is my Husband and I am proud to say above all...He is MINE."
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“My eyes flew open and when they did, his dark ones, not looking detached, not blank, not impassive, but heated and turned on and God, could it be? Totally freaking sexy.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“If you’re given the opportunity to look deep enough, you can see a person’s spirit in their eyes but usually, they are guarded, kept safe. Not you, my tigress, the night of your claiming, even in the moonlight, I could see your spirit shining from your eyes. You hold your spirit close to the surface for all to behold and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“You’re my gold, nahna xaxsah is my hahnee rah. Kay jahnan nahna lisa, na uvan tee luh kay. Ana kay jahnan nahna pahnsahna, Circe. Kay nayeesan tee. Fahzah.

You’re my gold, your cunt is my liquid gold. I will have your mouth, you will give it to me. Then I will have your spirit, Circe. I will own it. Always.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“He's a husband, he's a king, he's a man but remember above all, my queen, always remember, above all, he...is...a warrior.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I ask, in future, my tigress, that if you intend to be a warrior, you think like a warrior and that would mean, before you bare your claws or unsheathe your steel, you… actually… think.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“Take me home, take me home, take me home, I need to go home. Please, please, whatever magic is out there for me, let it be at my command to take me home.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“I am who I am, I am Korwahk, I am warrior, I am Dax and you must accept me as what I am. I may have forced my body on yours but I did not force your love, you gave it to me knowing who I am. As we live our lives, you cannot decide to disagree with parts of that and then decide to take your love away, Circe. I’ll not live like that. Therefore, you need to reflect on this, come to your peace with it and never, my golden queen, never request another such concession from me.”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“There are ways to get what you need out of your warrior. You just must be clever in finding them”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

“And his hair was free, no ponytail, no braid, the long thickness of it waved and curled down his back, over his shoulders and next to his face. I felt my lungs start burning. Holy freaking moly… my husband was hot!”
― Kristen Ashley, quote from The Golden Dynasty

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