5+ quotes from The Drafter by Kim Harrison

Quotes from The Drafter

Kim Harrison ·  422 pages

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“Three g’s, and an r: Get in, get the info, get out, relocate.”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

“His mind seemed to expand as time became malleable, and with a sudden pop he could almost feel the world reset with a crystalline clarity of lost chances.”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

“I told you not to confuse forgetfulness with stupidity,” Allen said. “She’s extremely intelligent. Did you use the audio binder? Give her the Amneoset?”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

“and when I found out they had, I came back. What do you think I was doing at the alliance?” “Having drinks, by the looks of it,” he snarked,”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

“Extraction?” Taf sighed. “I can do more than drive. I can shoot, too. All us debutantes learn how to shoot before we get our first push-up bras.”
― Kim Harrison, quote from The Drafter

About the author

Kim Harrison
Born place: Detroit, The United States
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