Quotes from The Girl She Used to Be

David Cristofano ·  256 pages

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“It's more than the color.' He lifts my chin a little and our eyes reconnect. 'They have a dark line around the edge of the iris, a thing of natural beauty that brings your eyes to life. And they are intense; they shine like they're reflecting the light of a thousand stars, and they reflec...t me, too, and they make me want to be everything to you. And when you get angry, they dance a little, and every time it weakens my heart and makes me smile.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“But I believe we all fall in love for some esoteric and simple reason: the first time a man comes to your rescue, the way he holds you when you kiss, his smile that has you endlessly daydreaming. I'm not sure the reason you fall is as important as the fact that you have indeed fallen.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“Tears of joy are so much easier to stop.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“You see, certainty brings security. Security brings trust. Trust brings love.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“Have you ever noticed that the end has a more distinctive feel than the beginning?”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“Name me. Gaze into my eyes, study my smile and dimples and tell me what you see. I look like an Emma. I look like an Amy. I look like a Katherine. I look like a Kathryn. I look like your best friend's sister, your sister's best friend. Introduce me. Yell for me. Let me run away and call me back. Run your fingers through my hair and whisper my name.

Call me whatever you want; it's just a name, after all.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“The look on his face is sweet and distinctly red; he is a cherry Life Saver.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

“It’s rigid. It’s firm and unyielding. It never lies…It is always right, and all you have to do is take the most logical path to find the answer. It brings reality and truth to every scene on earth. Every business that has fudged its numbers gets flamed out in the end.”
― David Cristofano, quote from The Girl She Used to Be

About the author

David Cristofano
Born place: in The United States
Born date January 1, 1967
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