Quotes from The Empress's Tomb

Kirsten Miller ·  350 pages

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“This is April," he said, holding up the chicken. "She's the only friend I have left. I saved her from an evil chef at Tavern on the Green, and we've pledged eternal friendship.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“the first rule of being a team is trusting one another. And if you trust someone, you let her keep her secrets. When she is ready to tell you, she will. You dont have to know everything, Anaka.
Why not? Why should I trust Oona if she doesnt trust me? How do I know she's not hiding somthing more dangerous?
Oona was worried the rest of you would see her differently, Kiki bristled. Don't prove her right.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“... never brag about your expertise. Instead, wait for the opportunity to showcase your skills and watch all the jaws drop.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“There goes my meeting. - Oona
I'm sorry your latest get-rich-quick scheme has been temporarily put on hold. - DeeDee”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“My father is Lester Liu. - Oona”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“Where am I?" mumbled Luz.
"You're tied up in a homicidal smuggler's haunted mansion," I informed her.
"I remember now. My mom's going to be pissed.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

“Miss Strike. It's nice to see you again. It looks as if you turned out to be dangerous after all."
"You remember." Kiki was impressed.
"I would never forget a student," said Principal Wickham. "Particularly one with such unusual ambitions.”
― Kirsten Miller, quote from The Empress's Tomb

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