Quotes from Atlantis Unleashed

Alyssa Day ·  316 pages

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“Right. Of course. So many of us would voluntarily turn ourselves over to a...What was it? A vampire? No, wait, a vampire goddess. To save the lives of other people. Yeah, you're right. That's not noble. I do that every day before breakfast. Twice on Fridays.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“I would give a century of my life for a single taste of your lips”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“Finally, she looked up at him and met his gaze, and she gasped. He knew what must be visible on his face and therefore did not try to deny it. “You know,” he rasped out. “You have always known, and you will always know that I am yours, and yet never can be. I am the most powerful high priest Poseidon has ever appointed, and yet I am too weak to hide the depths of my feelings for you.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“That seems to be another habit of yours. I get broken, and you fix it.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“Quinn,” Alaric said quietly. “His aim is to ignite your temper. Perhaps you might allow me the chance to assist you this one time?”
“Fine, but you seem to be making a habit of it,” she shot back. “We can discuss that later, too. Be my guest.” ”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“He shot across the dark and dank room and gently lowered her slight body, which seemed to weigh almost nothing, until she stood with her back to the wall, as he called a shield of water to block her from any danger.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“Emotion kicked logic’s ass.
He was going after Quinn. ”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“Alaric, go after her. Since Daniel forced the blood bond on her, Quinn has been different. Lost. She deserves better than for you to abandon her and, priest or no, you know it.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“She’s alive, Alaric. She was wounded, but it was minor,” Alexios said, a rough compassion in his voice. A strange weakness raced through Alaric and he had to fight his own lungs to draw breath. Quinn was wounded. “How minor?” he snarled. “Tell me, now.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“Something in Alaric’s chest tightened painfully at the thought of Quinn, but he refused to allow it to overcome him. She would be fine. She had to be fine. If Quinn were to die, he would have no reason to continue existing.”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

“I don’t care about his quest for redemption. I don’t want him anywhere
near Quinn,” Alaric snarled. “I will leave for St. Louis as soon as we
adjourn this meeting.” ”
― Alyssa Day, quote from Atlantis Unleashed

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