10+ quotes from The Chill by Ross Macdonald

Quotes from The Chill

Ross Macdonald ·  288 pages

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“Some men spend their lives looking for ways to punish themselves for having been born.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“Pour alcohol on a bundle of nerves and it generally turns into a can of worms.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“In wine was truth, perhaps, but in whisky, the way Hoffman sluiced it down, was an army of imaginary rats climbing your legs.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“He was half a politician, and like most of his kind he was an insecure man.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“The sea was surging among the pilings like the blithe mindless forces of dissolution.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“A moon like a fallen fruit reversing gravity was hoisting itself above the rooftops.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. I learned that at my mother’s knee and other low joints,”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“his manner had the heavy ease of a politician, poised between bullying and flattery.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“A young man with an untrimmed beard and rebellious eyes looked like a conscientious objector to everything.”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

“I could smell fog even at this level now. It was rolling down from the mountains, flooding out the moon, as well as rising from the sea. The”
― Ross Macdonald, quote from The Chill

About the author

Ross Macdonald
Born place: in Los Gatos, California,, The United States
Born date December 13, 1915
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