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“Daydreams were dangerous because they made her wish for things she could never have.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Every man has a weakness!” he patiently explained. “I'll find theirs, I promise you.”
“Every man?”
“Yes,” he answered emphatically.
“What is your weakness, Brodick?” she asked.
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“You have many flaws, he announced... “But there was one flaw that made all the other imperfections pale in comparison.”
“Was?” she asked. “I don't have this flaw any longer?”
“No, you don't.”
“Pray tell,” she muttered in exasperation, “what was this terrible flaw?”
He grinned. “You used to be English.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“What are you doing?"
"What I've wanted to do for a long time."
She couldn't move, couldn't think. She was lost in his dark eyes, and as he slowly lowered his head toward hers, she whispered, "Are you going to throttle me, then?"
He was laughing when he kissed her.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“As a matter of fact, she has refused to marry me.”
“So when's the wedding?” Ramsey asked.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“I didn't sleep with Brodick," she blurted out. "I have no need for a priest."
"Yes, you did too."
"Alec, it isn't polite to contradict your elders."
"But, Mama..."
"Hush, sweetheart."
Gillian glared at Brodick. He could easily correct this horrid misunderstanding if he would only offer a quick explanation.
He wasn't inclined. He winked at her. "I didn't know a face could get that red," he remarked.
"Do explain," she demanded.
"Explain what?" he asked, feigning innocence.
She turned to Judith. "We were camping...and it isn't what it sounds like...I did sleep, and when I awakened...they were all there..."
"They?" Iain asked.
"His soldiers."
"You slept with his soldiers too?”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Let go of me or slow down," she demanded as she tried to keep pace with him.
He slowed down. "I swear to God, you try the patience of a saint."
"You aren't a saint, Brodick, no matter what your mother might have told you.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Only after the words were spoken did she realize what she had said. "My sins are all your fault, Brodick, and if I have to go to purgatory, then by God, you're going with me. Ramsey, if you do not stop laughing,I swear I shall toss you over this cliff."
"Do you love him, lass?" Father asked.
"I do not," she answered emphatically.
"It isn't a requirement," Laggan pointed out.
"I should hope not," she cried.
"But it would make your life easier," he countered.
"Gillian, you will tell the truth," Brodick demanded.
He grabbed hold of her hand. She tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let go.
"I have told the truth. I don't love Ramsey, and if he doesn't stop laughing at me, the Sinclairs will soon be looking for a new laird."
"Not Ramsey," Laggan shouted so he could be heard over Ramsey's laughter. "I'm asking you if you love Brodick."
"Did you tell Father I love you? Who else did you tell?”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Yet you told him you loved him?"
"Yes, I did."
Bridgid was clearly impressed. "You're more courageous than I am. The fear of being rejected pains me to even think about, yet you boldly told Brodick how you felt, even though he hadn't spoken his feelings."
"Actually, he told me I loved him.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“He stood up and took a step toward her. "There has been a request for your hand in marriage."
"Is that why you kissed me? So you could take me home and then marry me to a man I don't love? Who is he?" she demanded, emotionally spent now and uncaring that tears were streaming down her face.
He started toward her.
"Don't you dare kiss me again," she ordered. "I can't think when you… Just don't," she stammered. "And as for the offer, I decline."
"You can't decline until you know who he is," he reasoned.
"All right. Tell me his name, and then I'll decline. You're going to praise him first though, aren't you?
That's what you always do to try to get me to agree," she ended, and even she could hear the heartbreak in her voice.
"No, I'm not going to praise him. He's riddled with flaws."
She stopped trying to run away. "He is?"
He slowly nodded. "I have it on good authority that he's stupid and arrogant and obstinate, or at least he was until he realized what a fool he has been."
"But that's what I said about… you."
"I love you, Bridgid. Will you marry me?”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“A few minutes later, she was once again riding her own horse. Deciding to take the lead, she nudged the mare into a trot, and as she passed Brodick and Ramsey, she called out, "You used trickery."
"Yes, I did," he admitted. "Are you angry with me?"
She laughed again. "I don't get angry. I get even."
Unbeknownst to her, she had just recited the Buchanan creed.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Are you going to keep her?"
"Does she know it?"
"Not yet."
Ramsey overheard the conversation and laughed heartily. "I assume you've considered all the problems, Brodick."
"I have."
"It won't be an easy life for her living with—" Ramsey began. Brodick finished his sentence for him.
"Living with the Buchanan clan. I know, and I worry about her adjustment."
Ramsey grinned. "That's not what I was going to say. It won't be easy for her living with you. Rumor has it, you're a difficult man to be around."
Brodick didn't take offense. "Gillian's aware of my flaws."
"And she'll still have you?" Winslow asked.
"As a matter of fact, she has refused to marry me."
Knowing Brodick as well as they did, both Ramsey and Winslow began to laugh again.
"So when's the wedding?" Ramsey asked.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Trouble follows you like a shadow, Gillian. You're prone to injuries. I swear to God, if a tree decided to fall right now, it would find your head to land on."
"Oh, for heaven's sake," she muttered. "I'll admit that I have had a run of bad fortune, but—"
He wouldn't let her continue. "A run of bad fortune? Since I've known you, you've been beaten, stabbed and now shot with an arrow. If this keeps up, you'll be dead in another month”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“You're English," he said. "And I will therefore make certain allowances for you. I realize you don't understand you shouldn't argue with me, and so I'll explain it to you. Don't argue with me."
Incredulous, she said, "That's it? 'Don't argue with me' is your explanation as to why I shouldn't argue with you?”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“The baron reminds me of someone, but I can't quite put my finger on who it is," Ramsey remarked.
"I swear my own father never talked to me the way Gillian's uncle just did."
"Your father died before you were old enough to know him."
"It was humiliating, damn it. He sure as certain wasn't what I expected. The way Gillian talked about him, I pictured a mild-mannered gentleman. She thinks he's… gentle. Is the woman blind? How in God's name can she love such a crotchety old…"
Ramsey's head snapped up, and he suddenly burst into laughter, breaking Brodick's train of thought. "It's you."
"Morgan… he reminds me of you. My God, Gillian married a man just like her uncle. Look at the baron and you'll see yourself in twenty years."
"Are you suggesting I'm going to become a belligerent, foul-tempered old man?"
"Hell, you're already belligerent and foul-tempered. No wonder she fell in love with you," he drawled”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“I don't like seeing you cry. You will stop."
I'll give you a promise," he said gruffly. "And then you will cease your worrying."
You will have confidence in my ability to protect you," he ordered.
You will have faith in me. I command it.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“She couldn't believe what she did then. Before she could stop herself, she leaned up on tiptoes, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the mouth. Her lips brushed over his for the barest of seconds, but it was still a kiss, and when she came to her senses and dared to pull away and look at him, he had the most curious expression on his face.

Brodick knew she regretted her sponatenity, but as he stared into her brilliant green eyes, he also knew, with a certainty that shook him to the core, that his life had just been irrevocably changed by this mere slip of a woman.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Then it stands to reason that love doesn't make a man less than what he already is."
"It makes him vulnerable."
"Perhaps it does," Ramsey agreed.
"And if his mind is constantly consumed with thoughts of her, then he becomes weak. Is that not so?"
Ramsey smiled. "I'll tell you what is so. You love her, Brodick, and that scares the hell out of you."
"I should have broken your nose.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“But she would never forget Brodick... or the spontaneous kiss he'd given her that had meant nothing to him and everything to her.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Every man has a weakness," he patiently explained. "I'll find theirs, I promise you."
"Every man?"
"Yes," he answered emphatically.
His hand moved to the back of her neck. Twisting her curls around his fist, he jerked her head back. His face loomed over hers, his breath warm and sweet as he stared down into her eyes.
"What is your weakness, Brodick?" she asked.
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Do you have feelings for this kind man?"
"You shouldn't ask her such a question," Frances Catherine said. "But do you, Gillian?”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“As soon as the boy left the hall, Ramsey suggested that Brodick fill Gideon in on all that had transpired.
"Our commanders are going to have to coordinate their efforts for the attack," he said. "Iain wants Winslow and Dylan and you to handpick the soldiers who'll ride with us into England."
"We're attacking England?" Gideon asked, astonished.
"No," Brodick answered. "Though the thought of it warms my heart.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“The little boy leaned against his father's chest and slowly nodded. "Yes," he said. "I heard all of the
names, but I don't remember the other two… just the man who hurt Gillian."
"That's the name I most want," Brodick said softly. "Who is he, Alec?"
"Alec, please," Gillian began.
"Tell me, Alec. Who is he?"
"Baron," Alec whispered. "His name is Baron.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Whatare they doing?"
Brodick glanced at the women. "Chasing Ramsey," he answered very matter-of-factly before returning to his task of scanning the field.
"Why what?" he asked as he continued to search.
She sighed. "Why are the ladies chasing him?"
The question startled him, for what should have been obvious to Gillian appeared not to be obvious at all. With a shrug, he said, "It's what they all do."
"All the ladies chase him?" she asked, still not understanding.
He finally gave her his full attention. "Yes, they do," he said quietly.
"But why?"
"You don't know?"
"I wouldn't ask if I knew, Brodick," she said, thoroughly perplexed.
"They find him… handsome," he finally said for lack of a better word. "That's what I've been told anyway.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Iain's gaze went back and forth between Gillian and Brodick. "Father Laggan's back," he remarked.
"And there's another, younger priest named Stevens with him."
"Why are you telling me this?" Brodick asked.
"I just wanted you to know there are two priests available," Iain explained with a meaningful glance at
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“No one had Ramsey's patience, Brodick thought to himself. Gideon obviously didn't know his laird well, for if he did, he would have known that under that thin layer of civility and diplomacy beat the heart of a savage warrior whose temper put Brodick's to shame. Unlike Brodick, Ramsey was slow to ignite, but once he had reached his limit or had been prodded too far, his reaction was explosive and most impressive. He could be far more brutal than Brodick, and perhaps that was one of the reasons they had become such good friends. They trusted each other. Aye, Brodick trusted and admired Ramsey as much as he trusted and admired the man who had trained them to be leaders, Iain Maitland.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“It must be sheer hell for you to be cursed with such a pretty boy's face," he drawled. "The agony of finding a different woman in your bed every night must wear you thin. I don't know where you get your stamina with this terrible burden you bear."
The muscle in Ramsey's jaw flexed, which pleased Brodick considerably.
"We know you've had as many women in your bed as I have," Ramsey snapped. "But I meant what I said. There are more important matters to discuss.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“If you’d wanted to get married with your feet on the ground, then you should have said something.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“I realize you don’t understand you shouldn’t argue with me, and so I’ll explain it to you. Don’t argue with me.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

“Like it or not, she was going to belong to him.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from Ransom

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