Quotes from The Blood of Flowers

Anita Amirrezvani ·  368 pages

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“Be like the date that grows sweeter and sweeter , even though the soil that nourishes it is rocky and harsh”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“First there wasn't, then there was. Before God no one was.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“Our response to cruelty, suffering, and sorrow is to remind the world of the face of beauty, which can best restore a man's tranquility, cleanse his hear of evil, and lead him to the path of truth”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“Just as when we step into a mosque and its high open dome leads our minds up , up , to greater things , so a great carpet seeks to do the same under the feet .Such a carpet directs us to the magnificence of the infinite , veiled , yet never near , closer than the pulse of jugular , the sunburst that explodes at the center of a carpet signals this boundless radiance . Flowers and trees evoke the pleasures of paradise, and there is always a spot at the center of the carpet that brings calm to the heart. A single white lotus flower floats in a turquoise pool , and in this tiniest of details, there it is : a call to the best within , summoning us to the joy of union .in carpets , I now saw not just intricacies of nature and color , not just mastery of space , but a sign of the infinite design . In each pattern lay the work of a weaver of the world, complete and whole ; and in each knot of daily existence lay mine .”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“Look in the face of your beloved,
For in that mirror, you will see yourself.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“I felt as if I had more to learn than I had time on earth.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“My mother had comforted me with tales ever since I was small. Sometimes they helped me peel a problem like an onion, or gave me ideas about what to do; other times, they calmed me so much that I would fall into a soothing sleep. My father used to say that her tales were better than the best medicine. Sighing, I burrowed into my mother's body like a child, knowing that the sound of her voice would be a balm on my heart.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“May your luck soon be brighter! With such fine work, I know it will.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

“In the spring of the year that I was supposed to be married, a comet launched itself over the skies of my village. It was brighter than any comet we had ever seen, and more evil. Night after night, as it crawled across our skies spraying its cold white seeds of sorrow, we tried to decipher the fearsome messages of the stars.”
― Anita Amirrezvani, quote from The Blood of Flowers

About the author

Anita Amirrezvani
Born place: Tehran, Iran
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