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“If you don't believe in yourself, who will?' ~Maybeck”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“There's a fine line between imagination and reality. An inventor dreams something up, and pretty soon, it's there on the table before him. A science-fiction writer envisions another world, and then some space probe finds it. If you believe in something strongly enough, I think you can make it happen.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Wayne was one of the worst drivers Finn had ever met. The bus nearly sideswiped two cars, then veered left and scraped its wheels against the curb, before smashing back down the roadway.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“If you don't beleve in yourself, who will?' ~Maybeck”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“When I do things I shouldn't do, my mother says I need a new pair of glasses -- that I should be be looking differently at the choices I make.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“MEN, Charlene said.
Leave that to you! Willa quipped.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“You can’t get any ‘cooler’ than Disney World.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Well, listen, Obi-Wan," Philby said sarcastically. "Why don't you tell me and Luke here where to find him, and we'll make for hyperspace.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Amazing things happen when we put our minds to it. There is a saying that seeing is believing. But believing is seeing, as well. And touching. And hearing. Connecting.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Few battles are won by strength alone. Cunning and knowing your resources can help you overpower the most powerful.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“You forgot something: evil never wins in the Magic Kingdom.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Finn stood away from all the water with his friend Dillard, who had taken the occasion to borrow one of his father's Hawaiian shirts. Finn thought he looked pretty cool.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“The "rain" was nothing more than the emergency sprinkler system gone wild. All this trouble could be easily explained: the sprinklers malfunctioning. Maleficent had done her job well.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“That's right," Philby said, remembering. "You're a computer freak, aren't you, Maybeck?"
"Freak? I'm freaking good with them, if that's what you're asking.”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“Three nights ago at the end of the Fantasmics show, the dragon set Mickey on fire. Obviously, that’s not supposed to happen. Mickey is supposed to win. He jumped into the water. He’s all right. The crowd laughed. They didn’t get it. But Mickey could have…He could have…could be in some serious trouble. And then what?”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

“There is just one moon and one golden sun—” Sun! Finn thought. What were they missing? “And a smile means friendship to ev’ryone—”
― Ridley Pearson, quote from Disney after Dark

About the author

Ridley Pearson
Born place: in Glen Cove, New York, The United States
Born date March 13, 1953
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“The selective voluntary blindness of human beings allows them to ignore the moral consequences of their choices. It has been one of the species' most valuable traits, in terms of the survival of any particular human community.”
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“Certainty is an unrealistic and unattainable ideal.

We need to have pastors who are schooled in apologetics and engaged intellectually with our culture so as to shepherd their flock amidst the wolves.

People who simply ride the roller coaster of emotional experience are cheating themselves out of a deeper and richer Christian faith by neglecting the intellectual side of that faith. They know little of the riches of deep understanding of Christian truth, of the confidence inspired by the discovery that one’s faith is logical and fits the facts of experience, and of the stability brought to one’s life by the conviction that one’s faith is objectively true.

God could not possibly have intended that reason should be the faculty to lead us to faith, for faith cannot hang indefinitely in suspense while reason cautiously weighs and reweighs arguments. The Scriptures teach, on the contrary, that the way to God is by means of the heart, not by means of the intellect.

When a person refuses to come to Christ, it is never just because of lack of evidence or because of intellectual difficulties: at root, he refuses to come because he willingly ignores and rejects the drawing of God’s Spirit on his heart. unbelief is at root a spiritual, not an intellectual, problem. Sometimes an unbeliever will throw up an intellectual smoke screen so that he can avoid personal, existential involvement with the gospel. In such a case, further argumentation may be futile and counterproductive, and we need to be sensitive to moments when apologetics is and is not appropriate.

A person who knows that Christianity is true on the basis of the witness of the Spirit may also have a sound apologetic which reinforces or confirms for him the Spirit’s witness, but it does not serve as the basis of his belief.

As long as reason is a minister of the Christian faith, Christians should employ it.

It should not surprise us if most people find our apologetic unconvincing. But that does not mean that our apologetic is ineffective; it may only mean that many people are closed-minded.

Without a divine lawgiver, there can be no objective right and wrong, only our culturally and personally relative, subjective judgments. This means that it is impossible to condemn war, oppression, or crime as evil. Nor can one praise brotherhood, equality, and love as good. For in a universe without God, good and evil do not exist—there is only the bare valueless fact of existence, and there is no one to say that you are right and I am wrong.

No atheist or agnostic really lives consistently with his worldview. In some way he affirms meaning, value, or purpose without an adequate basis. It is our job to discover those areas and lovingly show him where those beliefs are groundless.

We are witnesses to a mighty struggle for the mind and soul of America in our day, and Christians cannot be indifferent to it.

If moral values are gradually discovered, not invented, then our gradual and fallible apprehension of the moral realm no more undermines the objective reality of that realm than our gradual, fallible apprehension of the physical world undermines the objectivity of that realm.

God has given evidence sufficiently clear for those with an open heart, but sufficiently vague so as not to compel those whose hearts are closed.

Because of the need for instruction and personal devotion, these writings must have been copied many times, which increases the chances of preserving the original text. In fact, no other ancient work is available in so many copies and languages, and yet all these various versions agree in content. The text has also remained unmarred by heretical additions. The abundance of manuscripts over a wide geographical distribution demonstrates that the text has been transmitted with only trifling discrepancies.”
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