Quotes from Swift as Desire

Laura Esquivel ·  208 pages

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“[Words] cling to the very core of our memories and lie there in silence until a new desire reawakens them and recharges them with loving energy. That is one of the qualities of love that moves me most, their capacity for transmitting love. Like water, words are a wonderful conductor of energy. And the most powerful, transforming energy is the energy of love.”
― Laura Esquivel, quote from Swift as Desire

“Keeping secrets will always lead to unhappiness and communication is the key to love.”
― Laura Esquivel, quote from Swift as Desire

“there's only a space between now and here to get yourself nowhere.”
― Laura Esquivel, quote from Swift as Desire

“Words travel as swiftly as desire, so it is possible to send a message of love without them.”
― Laura Esquivel, quote from Swift as Desire

“...being able to listen to unrepeatable secrets, wishes, and desires wasn't as wonderful as it seemed...being aware of what other people felt at every moment would come to cause him a lot of headaches, and huge disappointments in love.”
― Laura Esquivel, quote from Swift as Desire

About the author

Laura Esquivel
Born place: in Mexico D.F., Mexico
Born date September 30, 1950
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