7+ quotes from Summer of Night by Dan Simmons

Quotes from Summer of Night

Dan Simmons ·  600 pages

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“The sunset was that long, achingly beautiful balance of stillness in which the sun seemed to hover like a red balloon above the western horizon, the entire sky catching fire from the death of day; a sunset unique to the American Midwest and ignored by most of its inhabitants. The twilight brought the promise of coolness and the certain threat of night.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“People always pay a lot of money for things that make them stupid.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“Sometimes Duane imagined that he was the single crewman on a receding starship, already light-years from Earth, unable to turn around, doomed never to return, unable even to reach his destination in a human lifetime, but still connected by this expanding arc of electromagnetic radiation, rising now through the onionlike layers of old radio shows, traveling back in time as he traveled forward in space, listening to voices whose owners had long since died, moving back toward Marconi and then silence.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“He suspected that Duane had lived in those lofty realms of thought, listening to the voices of men long dead rising from books the way he'd once said he listened to late-night radio shows in his basement.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“Old Central School still stood upright, holding its secrets and silences firmly within. Eighty-four years of chalkdust floated in the rare shafts of sunlight inside while the memories of more than eight decades of varnishings rose from the dark stairs and floors to tinge the trapped air with the mahogany scent of coffins. The walls of Old Central were so thick that they seemed to absorb sounds while the tall windows, their glass warped and distorted by age and gravity, tinted the air with a sepia tiredness. Time moved more slowly in Old Central, if at all. Footsteps echoed along corridors and up stairwells, but the sound seemed muted and out of synch with any motion amidst the shadows. The cornerstone of Old Central had been laid in 1876, the year that General Custer and his men had been slaughtered near the Little Bighorn River far to the west, the year that the first telephone had been exhibited at the nation’s Centennial in Philadelphia far to the east. Old Central School was erected in Illinois, midway between the two events but far from any flow of history.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“A human being on this world, Duane realized with a shock of recognition approaching vertigo, made no more permanent impression than does a hand thrust in water. Remove the hand, and water rushes in to fill the void as if nothing had ever been there.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

“Дейл тихо опустил голову, зная, что все это — спутник, и пещеру бутлегеров, и многое многое другое — могут повториться и завтра, и через неделю, но что этот момент — друзья сидевшие рядом, едва слышные шорохи летней ночи, голоса родителей снизу, чувство какой-то бесконечности лета, которое как обычно принес август — что этот момент единственный и неповторимы. И что он должен быть сохранен.
И пока Майк и Лоуренс, Кевин, Харлен и Корди провожали глазами светлую точку, на их запрокинутых лицах читалась вера в то, что на их глазах начинается новая эра, Дейл молча следил за ними. Он думал о своем друге Дьюане и о том, как можно описать то, что видишь, словами, как это делал он.
И затем, инстинктивно зная, что такие минуты нужно замечать, но нельзя губить их наблюдениями, Дейл присоединился к друзьям, провожая взглядом Эхо, уже коснувшийся горизонта и начавший тускнеть.”
― Dan Simmons, quote from Summer of Night

About the author

Dan Simmons
Born place: in Peoria, Illinois, The United States
Born date April 4, 1948
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