7+ quotes from Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot

Quotes from Every Boy's Got One

Meg Cabot ·  328 pages

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“Though I imagine in your case, trying not to fall just made you fall harder.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“...it was never a good idea to date a foreigner. You can never tell when they're lying.'
'hello. Dave was BRITISH.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“I’ve never enjoyed myself more than I have the past forty-eight hours, during which I’ve been trapped in a car with one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen, run up the Spanish Steps and then down again so I could be on time to wait in line to perjuer myself at the American consulate. And I’d like to continue doing those sorts of thing with you on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“Why can't you just get married in Las Vegas like normal Americans?”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“Plus, I have two television sets. How many does Cal have? Oh, that’d be none. I asked. Yeah, Cal doesn’t “believe” in TV. Right. You know what I don’t believe in? People who don’t believe in TV.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“If your head is constantly stuck in a book, you're going to miss a lot.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

“Who plans on falling in love? It simply happens. We cannot stop it, however much we might try.”
― Meg Cabot, quote from Every Boy's Got One

About the author

Meg Cabot
Born place: in Bloomington, Indiana, The United States
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