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“The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men.”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“Without stratagems would a people fall, and deliverance is in a wise counsel.”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“To protect civilians, the state needs sometimes to do things that are contrary to democratic behavior. It is true that in units like ours the outer limits can become blurred. That's why you must be sure that your people are of the best quality. The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men.”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“For heroes unsung For battles untold For books unwritten For secrets unspoken And for a dream of peace never abandoned, never forgotten —Michael Bar-Zohar   To”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“Lebanon War, he entered Beirut at the head of”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“Tím, že Taggara vysvobodili, naplnili představitelé Mosadu další zásadu, kterou stanovil jeho zakladatel. Izraelská tajná služba Mosad nesmí litovat žádné námahy, prostředků ani obětí, aby své lidi dostala domů.”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“Bravurní kousek Mosadu způsobil zlom v jeho vztazích se CIA a díky útlé brožurce , kterou půvabná Lucie půjčila milovanému Wiktorovi, získal pověst nejschopnější tajné služby na světě.”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“But on May 15, 1967, the elite units of the Egyptian Army suddenly crossed the Sinai and reached the Israeli border while President Nasser expelled the United”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

“The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men.   D”
― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

― Michael Bar-Zohar, quote from Mossad

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