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7+ quotes from Storm Ravaged by Magda Alexander

Quotes from Storm Ravaged

Magda Alexander ·  256 pages

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“I shiver at the command. Why do I love the way he orders me around when I won’t stand the same from another man?”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“THREE MONTHS HAVE GONE BY without the taste of Gabriel Storm in my mouth, the scent of his skin in my nostrils, the rush of his powerful body pounding into mine.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“A zing travels up my arm from the contact. My nostrils flare, and I catch a whiff of her female scent. She may not wear perfume, but there’s a bewitching essence to her that ensnares my senses.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“Mr. Tall, blond and delicious?” She’s a huge fan of Gabriel’s. Maybe it’s because he kissed her hand, or because he showed her nothing but courtesy during that weekend in the castle. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because she knows I’m in love with him.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“As I unbutton him, I kiss his skin— warm, fragrant, smelling of soap, his expensive cologne and him. Done, I slip him out of the garment and lay over his heart which thuds heavy and deep beneath my breast. Except for my gossamer-thin robe, we're almost skin to skin.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“Pride? What are you talking about?” “You wear your independence like a badge of honor. Bound and determined to allow no man to take care of you.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

“She breathes a soft sigh, and in the tried and true ways of time immemorial, she welcomes me home.”
― Magda Alexander, quote from Storm Ravaged

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Magda Alexander
Born date May 10, 2018
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